On Friday December 27, 2013 I turned 45 years old. To be honest, this year was the greatest birthday I have ever had.

I was able to spend the day with someone I love, try some wonderful new foods, and be free of the obligations of the world outside.

I am a fan of NASA and I got to watch a live video feed of two Russian cosmonauts conducting what would become a record breaking, 8 hour space walk installing external cameras on the International Space Station.

Later we were able to observe the #ISS pass directly overhead in the evening sky.

I even got a fantastic gift.

My birthday was filled with love, gratitude, amazement, delight, wonder and hope and I could not have asked for anything more.

They say with age comes wisdom and our values change. Things which are important to me today are the things I may have taken for granted in years past.

As 2013 draws to a close I wish for you all a day as perfect as my birthday was this year.

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