aunt ellen…

I’ve learned of my Aunt Ellen passing away. She was 80 years old. My Aunt Ellen was my fathers older sister and for most of my childhood she lived only a few miles from us with Uncle James. I remember she always had Juicy Fruit or Dubblemint gum. Their home was always a very special place for me when I was a child, their children were all grown or gone, and there were no toys to play with, but Aunt Ellen could always make things special. Her laugh was gentle and she was a loving, caring person. She had a white toy poodle named ‘Mitsy’ who was a part of the family. After the passing of my Uncle James some years ago, Aunt Ellen moved to Florida to be closer to her friends. After some time, years in fact, I heard of her dating someone. When she came to my fathers 70th birthday party and I noticed she was wearing a delicate silver ankle bracelet. I can only assume that her new boyfriend gave it to her. She seemed happier than I knew her to be in years. It seems she passed on in her sleep, while in the arms of the man she loved. We should all be so fortunate.

Writing about gum and dogs cannot express the loss my little world feels tonight. 

Because of her passing I am not able to attend Above and Beyond Cancer’s Million Dollar Marathon in Washington DC this week. My apologies to those who contributed expecting me to run the 104.8 miles I committed to running. There were quite a few people who had set aside time from their lives to make this event possible. I can not express enough gratitude toward their willingness to help me do something silly to raise money for Above and Beyond Cancer. Please watch this space as I intend another event of equal impact to satisfy your investments. The time to discuss that will come shortly. For now my family is celebrating the life and mourning the loss of our Aunt Ellen.



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  1. Beautiful tribute to one you loved well. Bless your heart and may you find comfort as you mourn.

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