The Million Dollar Marathon: 104.8 miles toward a cure


Welcome, and thank you for visiting this blog. I’m Steve, the Ronin Sherpa and I live in Apex, NC.

This summer I am taking part in an event called The Million Dollar Marathon. It is an unprecedented event during which 160 runners will cross the United States, one after the other, each running a marathon. We will pass a baton of hope and raise money for cancer research programs that support cancer survivors and their families.


This event is the brain child of Steve Cannon who was the first human to run around Lake Michigan, averaging 40 marathons in 40 days.

Each team member is tasked with raising $7500.00 and then running a marathon. All told, we aim to raise a million dollars. Team members come from all walks of life. Some have family members who had cancer. Some are cancer survivors themselves. For some this will be their first marathon, and for others it will be one of many they run this summer.

A marathon is no easy task. Many who run aspire to finish one in their lifetime. Those of you who follow this space know I regularly run marathons. I am confident I can cover the distance of 26.2 miles. Being an event of this magnitude, and proportion, I feel the need to task myself and reach further than I have before.

If I am going to ask my friends and family members to dig into their pockets to give and support this cause, I feel it my responsibility to reach further than my current grasp and give more than I ask.

I will be running four consecutive marathons for a total of 104.8 miles. (168.7km) The run itself will take place in late July, and I will be running from Washington DC to Rehoboth Beach, Del.

Over the summer I will be posting my training results here, explaining the products I use and support and I will even have a few surprises for those who continue to follow my efforts.

Cancer is a bastard that steals beauty from peoples lives. Help me to run cancer into the damn ground.

My funding page is here. Please give and give generously. I hope my actions prove to you my dedication. Help support me with your dollars. 


Thank you for your time and attention. I love you all.



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