Sherpa’s book of the week: Chrissie Wellington, A Life Without Limits

Chrissie Wellington is the greatest triathlete on Earth. 13 times she has run an Iron distance triathlon, and 13 times she has won. On four separate occasions she has won the Ironman World Championship held in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii each year. She beat the standing speed for finishing time, a record which stood for fourteen years and she beat it time by more than 30 minutes. On a regular basis she finishes in front of professional male triathletes. This past year, Chrissie soundly won the Kona World Championship Ironman after a bike crash which would put most people out for months or years. She swam the 2.4 miles with a torn pictorial muscle, and the road rash scars she bore would make your skin crawl. Her determination and grit are unstoppable. Her dedication to her craft is a model of perfection.

How can you not want to read about this woman’s life?

Earlier this year Chrissie announced she would step away from Ironman for a bit, and this book is just one of the things she has on the slate. I was excited to read about Chrissie. I have viewed her as a hero for many years now, watching the Ironman coverage online and on NBC trying to catch a glimpse of her. As a triathlete, cyclist, runner and just as a person who tries to make himself better with each day, Chrissie’s accomplishments are awe inspiring. Each evening when I spend time on my bike in the trainer, I watch an Ironman DVD and in most of the modern ones, she is there motivating me.

I had to have this book.

Not to be released in the US until May, I called some friends in the UK and asked for a big favor… A few days later, and a few Euros in shipping, I now have a copy.

From her humble childhood, to University and wanting to become a lawyer, and from long distance cycling in Nepal to her first triathlon, this is the story of a girl who becomes a woman, and a woman who becomes a World Champion.

Chrissie’s story is one of success and failures, and learning how to deal with both. She remains one of my heroes and this book is one I will read again and again for inspiration.


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