Jillian Michaels Tweets about her friends getting her into trouble

News Flash!

Moments ago, our intrepid fitness guru, while traveling in France, Tweeted that she and friends were having drinks. Shortly into the evening Jillian Tweeted that they were close to Jim Morrison’s grave site and the suggestion had been made to try and sneak into the graveyard to see it. However upon finding the 20 foot wall which surrounds the place, Jillian began to Tweet again…

Jillian Michaels
JillianMichaelsJillian Michaels

Ummm this wall is a little hire than anticipated… http://pic.twitter.com/JjiSdsrK
Taunting her misspelled word I Tweeted back:
Steve Williams
HSteveW3Steve Williams

@JillianMichaels I think maybe you are a little “hire” than anticipated.
Jillian Michaels
JillianMichaelsJillian Michaels

@HSteveW3 it’s not me it’s my idiot friends
Steve Williams

@HSteveW3Steve Williams
@JillianMichaels Good friends bail you out of jail. Best friends are sitting with you in the cell!

Obviously not being one of her best friends, or even one of her close friends, I am sure I will not get a phone call from Jillian Michaels should she get booked for trespassing. But it was super cool to get a Tweet.


One Response to “Jillian Michaels Tweets about her friends getting her into trouble”

  1. How fun, Steve! You are a superstar….and….you need to teach me how to use Twitter, hehe! Happy New Year!

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