Help me Help Amber Help kids

Hey guys, I need your help. Someone I look up to as a mentor is doing something for the benefit of children and I need to ask for you to help support her efforts.

Amber England is my mentor, coach and good friend. She is who I hold as the person who motivated me to change my life. Sure Jillian Michaels yelled and screamed, and yes Natalie Bolton rode me like a pack mule, but Amber was the person I saw who was out there doing it… Living life, being alive and moving forward… and I wanted that for myself. I followed her story and saw her progress. I read things she posted online and could relate with how she was feeling. I have written about how the triathlon photos she posted were the moment I chose to say ‘enough’ and go do something about how crummy I felt.

Today I have finishing medals on my wall from various 5 and 10K runs, 1/2 and full marathons and yes even a few triathlons.

Amber was the catalyst that changed my life. Since then I have changed careers and am following my dreams. She may not even know what a huge impact she made for me. How do you pay someone back for changing your life? How can you thank someone for something that they may not even be aware of? One way is to help support her efforts so that she can continue to motivate others the same way she helped me.

Amber has been selected to run the ING New York City Marathon as a member of Team Healthier Generation! Their team has committed to raise $15,000 to help end childhood obesity. has donated $100 to this cause. While I am not asking you to donate this much, I am asking you to donate something. Amber is not sitting on her laurels about this either, she has to run 26.2 miles in New York City! Dude! You could get mugged out there! I mean for real!

Help us here at tell mentors like Amber that they make a difference to us. More that that, help us help Amber help the kids. Childhood obesity is rampant and we have to do something about it. When we were in school, we all knew “the big kid.” There was a big kid in every class. Today more than half of the kids are that size. Amber is doing something and you can too. No you don’t have to run 26.2 miles, but take a second, please go to this website and help Amber help the kids. 10 or 20 bucks can make all the difference in the world.


Thank you for your time.



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