Burning Man 2011: The Trojan Horse Burn

Remember that just a few weeks ago, nothing in this video existed. The desert where Burning Man is held is a harsh, barren wastlend where very little grows. The Horse weighs 28 tons and has adult sized rooms inside. A few thousand volunteers were drafted to help roll the Trojan Horse onto the Playa where it sits as this video begins. Flaming arrows were used to ignite the burn.

One of the cameras filming this is located on a large tower some distance away with a zoom lens. One is mounted on top of a small John Deere Gator type vehicle parked closer, and there is a hand held camera.

You will note on top of the harsh quality of this video, there are distorting pixilations at times. This is intentional to maintain peoples privacy. (It’s Burning Man… There’s naked people running around.)


3 Responses to “Burning Man 2011: The Trojan Horse Burn”

  1. No video.

  2. pyro people…were you there?

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