Run Up Up and Away!

Earlier this year, I ran the Quintiles Marathon, held in Wrightsville Beach, NC. I finished in 4:16. It is a personal record (PR) for me.

It lit a fire in me for running longer distances.

I am set to run two more marathons this year. I Googled the hardest marathons in the world and I came up with The Mount Lemmon Marathon. They bill it as “The Toughest Road Marathon in the World. You ascend 6000ft from 3000ft to 9000ft during this event. You climb through three ecosystems: low desert, pine forest and rocky mountain tops. It is a difficult drive in a car, and I am going to run it.

One month later I am going to Fla. and running the Space Coast Marathon at the Kennedy Space Center where I aim to qualify for the Boston Marathon.

These runs will take me across the United States and are such different type of events that I am looking forward to each one in such different lights.

You can track my progress HERE at my new blog Run Up Up and Away which will cover things like training for a marathon, nutrition for adult athletes and product reviews of the equipment I use.

Don’t worry, this virtual campfire is here and will still have all my same twisted humor and oddball musings about life, I am just expanding to dedicate that site to be a more informative site with a little more focus.

From the desert to the stars, I run.



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