“LIKE” PolarUSA and win a Polar FT7 personal computer!!!

Hey guys. Here’s the deal: As you know, I am a Brand Ambassador for Polar USA. (They help you Listen to your body!) Well I am going through withdrawls missing the Tour de France.

So let’s give away some cool swag!

Here is a Polar FT7 Personal Computer AND a FlowLink Data transmiter unit! The FT7 is perfect for anyone to keep track of their fitness, monitor your progress and with the FlowLink you can use https://polarpersonaltrainer.com/ to upload every workout! The tools and programs there are free and such a great tool to help you achieve your fitness goals. Running a 10K? Half or full Marathon? This FT7 along with the FlowLink and https://polarpersonaltrainer.com/ are the tools you need. (Other than a good pair of shoes.)

I am giving away this brand-spankin-new Polar FT7 Personal Computer to someone I randomly pick out of those people who do the following:

Go to Facebook and “Like” the PolarUSA page.

Then go to my page and post on my wall that you did it! If we are not friends, THEN FRIEND ME!!! Dude… it’s Facebook. It’s about friends!

Let’s sweeten the pot a little bit… what else do I have in my BAG O’ SWAG…

Everyone that follows the rules and “Likes” PolarUSA and is my friend, will get their own VIP discount code that will be good toward any purchace from the Polar Store!

So let’s be clear:

#1 “LIKE” PolarUSA

#2 Make sure you are my friend on Facebook


#4 Call me The Coolest Dude in the World!

Rock on !!! And Listen to your body!!!


2 Responses to ““LIKE” PolarUSA and win a Polar FT7 personal computer!!!”

  1. Steve, Let’s talk sometime about Polar and the possibilities with Isis Athletics! We are going to be an official USA Triathlon Club starting in 2012 and are actively seeking sponsors and strategic partners. I didn’t know you were an ambassador for them – how cool!

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