2011 Tour de France Update

For the Tour de France, this has been a year of attrition. Poor Team Radio Shack has been the loyal and cute dog who gets hit by a car, bitten by a badger, and then contracts parvo. My personal hero, Chris Horner broke his nose and had such a bad concussion he did not remember traveling over 20 miles.

Team HTC are the Yankees of pro cycling and is taking the sprints as if they were easy. Cavendish will stand on the podium in Paris and take the Green Jersey as long as he can stay upright through the Alps. Teejay Van Garderen wore the King of the Mountain Jersey during Stage 8. I have tried to find photos of him on his bike, wearing the jersey, but there was such carnage on that Stage, is has been difficult to find.

This photo was on the Versus site.

He is only the second American ever to wear the KOM Jersey, so good on him. At 22 I expect we will follow his career for many years.

Johnny Hoogerland fell into the barbed wire and kept going. He has big brass ones.

Who the heck is Voeckler and why is he still in Yellow? I mean it is kinda cool that a French dude is in Yellow, but…

My vision is that Cadel Evens takes the Tour. He is a little troll of a man, but he is up there doing battle with the elfish Schleck’s and the waify Contador. (Hate Contador)

I hope that the Alps will bring the Schleck/Contador battle which has not happened yet. That last mountain stage had 12 riders at the end. It really did look like Lord of the Rings up there: Evens the dwarf, the Schleck elves, Contador the magician, and Voeckler the Hobbit who has been chosen to carry the golden ring (or jersey) into the mountains of Mordor.

Vive la Tour!


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