Sherpa’s song of the Decade: Fucken Awesome by Spiderbait

 Few songs tell it like it is. This is one of my personal favorite songs. I first heard it in Andrea’s Fuck You Spin Class at Made in L.A. If you think you have ever taken a great spin class, I assure you, you were only on a Big Wheel, playin around! Andrea’s Fuck You Spin is not the name she gave it, but rather the name I gave it because of its Rock and roll attitude. Apart from Bob Harper, (who was riding a spin bike as he was born!) Andrea is the shiz-nit.

If you feel down, less-than, used, abused, rotten, cheated, or anything else, slip on your running shoes, your cycling shoes, boxing gloves or get necked with your sweetie and crank this one!

Why? Because You’re Fucken Awesome!

(Note to self: Must buy rabbit costume)


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