One of THOSE days…

Janis prayed: “Oh Lord won’t you buy me a Mercedes-Benz” but yesterday I would have been fine with a good running Dodge Dart.

First off, I do not own an automobile. No I am not one of those effete snobs who eat granola, refuse to shave or wear deodorant, and hug trees, I’m just choosing to spend my money on other things. I’ve moved and in wrapping things up, I had to travel 250ish miles to handle the mature and adult things which have to be done when you move: pick up the last of your mail, turn in keys, pay old light bills, bla bla bla. I also had planned to have lunch with a friend and spend a few hours in the sand, on the beach.

There is no train service, so a bus ride was the next logical step. Greyhound charged me $72 for a round trip ticket. It would take 5 hours for the trip down there because the bus had a planed route and had to stop at a dozen stops. I didn’t mind. I brought my newest book, my iPod, my rucksack with some fruit, and I was off.

CRACK! CRUNCH! At first I thought the bus had been hit by another car. As the bus entered one of its stops, the rear most axle, snapped causing the rear wheel to lodge into the bus structure itself. The drive train supports gave way and it caused the opposite wheel to stop spinning and drag along. The bus was now un drivable and unsafe.

After an inspection, the driver announced he had contacted his main office and another bus had been dispatched to pick us up and continue our trip. He says it will take about an hour to get the new bus there.

No biggie. This bus stop is in the parking lot of a convenience store, and it is a beautiful day outside. I go and get a cup of coffee and sit in the sun reading Jillian’s “Unlimited.”

Cut to 6 hours later… Still sitting in the parking lot, wired out of my mind on really bad really bad java, half of the passengers have left and found other ways, I’ve witnessed three people completely melt down yelling at the driver, I have been issued a refund envelope and the new bus drives up.

Those of us left, board the new bus. The new driver stands up, holding his cell phone and announces that the bus will not be moving until he can get his pay streight. He leaves the bus, goes into the store and stays there for 30 minutes. During this time, the other passengers anger grows, tension is thick and there is nothing we can do.

The driver finally boards and we are off.

Two hours later I get to where I am going, I missed lunch with my friend, missed the office hours of one of my errands, and I’m off to do the rest. My Polar GPS says I walked 7.3 miles while in town.

Returning to the bus depot for my return trip home I approach the counter to find a decrepid old man chain-smoking at the desk. I was bothering his solitaire game. His southern drawl seemed character like, as if he were dropped out of the movie ‘Deliverance’ into the bus station. I looked for a banjo. 

I held two bus tickets that would get me home in just 3 hours. The first bus would take me to another station where I would change busses and continue home.

“Dat ain’t gonna happnin’ da-niiiit, son.” Smokin Joe told me. “Dat first bus is a ‘our late. Jew ain’t gettin ‘ome da-niiiit.” he then went on to tell me that I could ride another bus to Alexandria, Va (hundreds of miles away from home) and hop the 4:30am bus back to Raleigh.

Frustrated I stepped outside.  Whipped out the cell phone and rang a cab company I have done business with in the past. $225 to have a town car take me the 250 miles home.


OK, Send the car. I have to get home tonight.

The tire exploded at 80mph with a “fizzzzz-BANG! Flop-folp-flop…”

The driver expertly handled the car over to the side of the road, and no one was hurt.

Three guesses as to what I am going to write next…

Yeppers. The spare was flat. Now we have to wait for someone from the cab company to drive a new spare out to us. Two hours later…

Ever had one of those days where you just should have stayed in bed?


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