Fitness and growing older

I have served clients in New England, the Mid Atlantic, the deep South and the West Coast. No matter where I have traveled, it seems everyone wants close to the same thing: to be happy and healthy.

Quite a few of my clients have lost more than half of their body weight. Dozens of my clients have completed marathons, half marathons, triathlons and 5 or 10K runs.

As a Coach, it is my responsibility to hold my clients accountable to the goals they want to achieve. I take this responsibility very seriously. So seriously in fact I do not charge any money to do it. You have heard people say “I love my job so much, I would do it for free?” Well now you know someone who puts his money where his mouth is. Being an Independent Beachbody Coach allows me the chance to work anywhere and at anytime. I use the products I sell and the results show.

I am a 42-year-old athlete. I run marathons, triathlons, and bike races. This endurance lifestyle robs my body of things I don’t have time to run around and try to find. In my experience, and with the reasearch done by over 100 doctors of varying areas of experience, Shakeology replaces things my lifestyle burns away. Pizza is not an athlete’s food. I say this because I am helplessly addicted to it. Pizza is not a substantial diet choice for someone who doesn’t want heart disease, or liver failure, or to be able to finish a 100+ mile, bike ride.

Today’s blog is about coming to the reality that I am not 20 anymore. Those days of staying out all night then pulling an 18 hour work day are just not my cup of tea anymore. I would rather spend my time and efforts planning another expedition to explore Mayan ruins, hosting a black tie event to raise money in support of cancer reasearch or disaster relief, or even helping a friend out who isn’t feeling well and just needs a supporting shoulder or coffee and an ear.

Newton said objects in motion stay in motion, and objects at rest tend to stay at rest. If you think about it, this is why America has such a weight problem: We got lazy and stayed at rest.

 I have people ask “Does P90X work?” Yes it does. ANY workout you will help to make change. P90X is an advanced workout that keeps you moving in many different directions, doing many different things. It is not the right program for everyone, but I have other programs that may well suit your needs. All of these programs can be done in the privacy of your own home, without the prying eyes of the Barbie and Ken doll types whose judgemental glances may have seemed intimidating in a gym atmosphere. Can’t afford weights? A milk jug with water in it can also be called a dumbbell. Plus in your own home who cares? The goal is to make your butt look great in a pair of jeans, right? It doesn’t take a million dollar investment, and you don’t have to be a contestant on one of those TV weight loss shows. You are far better than primetime TV.

If you are still reading, maybe I struck a nerve and you are looking for something different to make a change and be healthier. Maybe you are already active and have become board with your current workout routine. Maybe summer is on the way and you want to look better in a bathing suit. There are no wrong answers to help make yourself healthier.

My points today are this: Movement will change you. More movement will change you more. Being able to fuel your body of the things that movement takes from it is important in order to move more tomorrow and beyond.

More info on P90X and Shakeology can be found on my website,

Have a great day!


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