The David and Trey Doolittle Memorial/ Celebration Ride

David and Trey Doolittle are father and son. Their lives were tragically cut short this weekend, both struck by a car while they were riding their bicycles.

David was an RN with his MBA in business and a graduate of the University of South Carolina. He was just recently promoted to Manager of the 3rd floor, 5th floor and the IMCU at Onslow Memorial Hospital in Jacksonville, NC. His passion for his work was infectious. Known for giving ‘high fives’ 3 and 5 times a day to anyone and everyone, his work philosophy was one of togetherness and team work. He understood his patents were people with families and they should be treated as if they were his own family. To his staff and coworkers he would say “we make the choice every day to be nasty or nice” and that they should respect each other. “No mean girls here” he would say.

David was also a diehard Gamecocks fan.

Trey was only 17 but in that short time he had impacted his peers much like his father. Excelling in sports, and becoming a cyclist and triathlete like his father, Trey insisted on getting clip less pedals to be like David.

“We had to find the smallest women’s shoes and then stuff socks in the ends because they were so big just so he could have those clip less pedals.” Joy Doolittle, Trey’s mother and David’s ex-wife told WECT News.

These men were good people. They were the people we all aspire to be and be like. No they were not perfect, but none of us are. Their tragedy is ours, their lives and death an example of David’s own words: “Each day we make a choice.” A healthy father and son were needlessly killed by a man so miserable, he was drunk and high on cocaine early on a Sunday morning.

A special thank you to Ms. Robin Camera Murry for her personal insight into working with David. She said “I can selfishly say that I hate this feeling. I hate the hurt that we all feel and cannot imagine the hurt that his family and close friends feel. But, I also feel extremely lucky to have known him for the short time that I did. He has definitely made an impact in my life and I doubt that I will ever forget him. I will never forget his made for radion voice and his infectious laugh or the way he lit up a room.”

Let us all remember David and Trey. Let us all make a better choice today for today is all we ever really have.

This Sunday at Murry Middle School located at 555 Halyburton Memorial Parkway in Wilmington, NC at 11:00am we will have the “Do Something for the Doolittle’s Memorial/ Celebratory Bike ride” where we remember and celebrate the lives of these two men, this father and son and this shining example of making a better choice. As I write this, there are currently over 800 people signed up to join us on this ride, and we will have a police escort.

If you are unable to join this ride, please wear something blue in remembrance of David and his son Trey.

Thank you for continuing to visit the virtual campfire here on our trail.


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