SF Giants Fan attacked by Moronic Thugs

Mr. Brian Stow of Santa Cruz, CA is a professional paramedic, father of two children, and victim of a heinous attack at the end of the Los Angeles Dodgers Home Opening game.

Why was this man attacked? He was wearing a SF Giants team jersey. They cracked this mans skull open because he likes a baseball team. His attackers wore Dodgers attire and screamed out obstinacies toward the Giants as the attack went on.

Brian’s brother in law, David Collins told the Santa Cruz Sentinel newspaper: “He’s not doing well. He’s still unconscious and they just decided to put him in a medically induced coma. They are hoping the brain swelling will go down, but it hasn’t and they are talking about removing one of his frontal lobes.”

By Brian’s chosen profession of paramedic, we can assume he has chosen to take an active role in helping his fellow man live better lives. As a married father of two children, we can see his core values are of solid moral fiber. Being able to afford ball game tickets, team jerseys and memorabilia this man obviously has his sh*t together and is leading his life right. The two thugs who attacked him are not.

The attack was captured on surveillance video, and numerous eyewitnesses have provided information about the two assailants including descriptions of tattoos each man had and these sketches.

Here by my little virtual campfire, most of my posts revolve around shining a positive light into the world, or a venting thread of my own oddball sense of humor.

There is no humor in a father being beaten half to death in front of his wife and children just because they are Giants fans.

Today I wanted to post these men’s photos in hopes that one of you may recognize them and help bring them to justice.

I also am posting this photo in my Giants Jersey, as an act of defiance toward the moronic hoards of mindless thugs who prey on the weak.

I defy your attack upon my right to be a fan of a sports team. I defy your attempt to frighten me into submission and I defy the audacity you have to hide behind a Dodgers jersey in an attempt justify your cowardice.

This attack has nothing to do with the LA Dodgers. They are a great team with a long history. To try and shroud this assault with the veil of a sports team is shameful and disgusting. This attack is an expression of jealousy, ignorance and impotence.

Keep your anarchy away from America’s national past time.


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