“Looking pretty epic!”

Time: 8:45am Saturday Morning

Place: UNC Wilmington Campus, at a stoplight intersection

Being the first warm weather in months, I chose to ride my Specialized Transition to work, in lieu of the L.A. Langster I use as a daily bike. I dressed in proper cycling clothes: Helmet, sunglasses, bike shorts, jersey and arm warmers. My small rucksack contained shorts and a t shirt for work, and carries my stainless steel water bottle.

The road intersection is in a neighborhood composed of student apartments for university.

I have to turn to the left at this intersection, so I signaled and got into the center lane, but then the light caught me. No worries.

It is a ritual without thought: unclip the left foot, hang it while steering slightly to the right and braking. Then turning slightly left as I slow to assure the bike leans to the left and my foot finds purchase on the asphalt.

This light changes only when a car is behind me, or beside me. So I wait. That is when I notice the two women on the sidewalk. Collage aged, they are both dressed casually, in shorts and tops with long sleeves. One wore a hat. They were opposite the intersection of me, walking on the sidewalk, on the road I was going to turn down. Whenever the light changed, I would be pedaling right past them.

They were looking at me, and smiling. I smile back. Being a 42 year old man, I have no illusions of drawing collage aged women’s attention. I figure they are having a great laugh at the old, fat man on the bicycle and I go back to paying attention to the light. There is a car behind me now so I must be quick when the signal goes. It changes and I push off. I approach the two girls and look at them as I make the turn.

“Hey Biker Dude! Looking pretty epic!” one of them yells. They are both smiling.


Let me tell you that this occurrence did not inflate my ego one bit. My ego was pretty large to begin with, but to have two collage aged women yelling how “epic” I look, in spandex no less, certainly didn’t hurt!

The funny part is I had to ask my boss if “looking epic” was a bad thing.


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