from your Sherpa…

Fellow travelers,

Thank you for taking time out of your busy lives to spend a few moments here by the campfire listening to these delusional rants. 2010 has but one day and one party left until it boils away into boastful memories and fading pictures.

Please be careful in your travels tonight and designate a driver, or just catch a cab. (Cabs are like an amusement park ride.)

Over this weekend, go over your personal goals for 2011 and write them down. Put that list on your fridge so you can see them. Otherwise you will get lazy and not do them. Loose that weight, run that race, buy that new car, build that deck… Whatever your goals are, know that I am here and can help you achieve them.

Lastly: I am looking for 3 entrepreneurial minded people to join Ronin Sherpa as an experiment in social networking. The tasks are minimal, the subject matter is health and fitness and the perks ain’t bad. As an intern, it is not a paid position, however there are quite a few ways to earn as much money as you want. I would love to explain, just contact me.

Expect a ‘2010 Year in Review’ video sometime this weekend! It is being edited as I write this!

Happy New Year!




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