Two final gift ideas…

In her Yahoo article entitled “The Best Fitness gifts of 2010,” Heather Hawkins, CPT, FNC-NESTA proclaims the Garmin Forerunner to be “the best ‘wrist-top’ computer for monitoring outdoor activities like hiking, running and biking.”

It just so happens that we carry this line of fitness computers at the shop. I have been testing the Garmin 705 Cycling computer and can tell you not only is it a GPS mapping device, and heart rate monitor but it is also a top notch cycling computer. We have the 800 at work which upgrades to a touch screen! Charlie, my bud at work, has the 310XT Multisport and it is THE gift for the triathlete. Swim, bike, run and keep track of how well you are doing it all with the 310XT!

Heather also proclaims P90X and Turbo Fire are like “having a line-up of gym-quality classes and a nutrition consultant at your fingertips without having to face the crowds at the gym.” As a graduate of both of these programs, I can tell you just how right she is. You can get your own copies of these programs here.  Just follow the “SHOP” link.

Make your fitness goals now and follow through with the comming new year. These gifts will help you get there!!!


2 Responses to “Two final gift ideas…”

  1. 310XT and P90X? Sounds like Ima sweat a lotta Holiday Cheer off!

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