Where were you in 1985? Who were you? What were your goals? Dreams? Visions? I’ve had a bit of a blast from that part of my past, and can’t seem to get this song out of my head. Have a listen as you read…


1985 was back when we believed music could really change the world, world peace actually seemed attainable, and love was still something new, simple and didn’t hurt.

I’ve recently reconnected with the girl who was my first true love. We met in 1985. Since then she’s gained world wide acclaim for being one of only a handful of women in her chosen field. (I’ve always been attracted to strong, over achieving women.) In our conversation she reminded me of times and things I had forgotten, little time capsules of youthful passion and stolen moments only known by the two of us.

Back then, she attended an all girls school and I was at an all boys school some hundred or so miles away. We would get together at dances and sporting events held at various schools. If her school had a dance I would go. When my school had a dance, she would come. When a third school held an event, we would both go. We had a system of making our presence known, being seen by everyone, and then steeling away just far enough so the others would not find us. TV rooms, sitting rooms, or even against a brick wall, behind a tree, outside with the rain falling on us. More than once, I was the last to board the bus home, holding it up because she and I had lost track of time. Our passions would be quelled, chaperones be damned.

We dated before the existence of email, or YouTube, Facebook, or MySpace. The computer lab in my school had 12 Tandy TRS80 computers that were not networked. We did it through phone calls and letters. Tons of letters. I would write her two and three times some days. The passion we held for each other was not any less because of our lack in communication devices, the tension and lustful ‘want’ was increased because of the distance and desire of exploration.

Being my first love, I can clearly remember the fog of complete and utter lust I would walk around in. I had the body of a man, but the emotional fortitude of a child. It was completely foreign to me that a girl as beautiful as she was, wanted to spend time with me, and wanted to make out as much as I wanted to.

Being my first love, I can also remember in vivid detail standing in that city park feeling her break my heart when she told me it was over.

Hindsight being 20/20 and all, I once counted the times she and I were physically in each others presence. It was 13. While this number may trivialize the quality of the relationship for some people, and may add fuel to a superstitious persons fire, I can comfortably sit here and tell you that I was deeply in love with her, and the relationship from beginning to end helped to shape who I am today. This lovely woman taught me about love: physically, emotionally and across the endless vacuums of time and space. Since being a couple, we have each led lives which took us down our own respective paths to where we are today. While I wouldn’t change a thing, I must admit after my third glass of wine, and after finding an old high school photo, I asked out loud “What if…”

During your day, remember these past 25 years and remember who you were back then.

Have you found what you were looking for?


One Response to “1985”

  1. in my yoga class yesterday they played a track from the 80’s…I now have Duran Duran in my head…Come Undone…ur tempting me to look back into my old photos now….

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