Cycling Stuff: Old La Honda Road

When I moved to Wilmington, North Carolina from Mountain View, California I knew one of the things I would be giving up was the terrain. Mountain View gave me access to mountains. (Hence the name.)

One of the most picturesque places I loved to ride was Portola Valley. Woodside, Skylonda, and Pescadero are all little towns in that area. The Tour of California has gone through many of them. Challenging hills and valleys keep your bike at 4mph or 40mph.

One of the most noted roads cyclists flock to is Old La Honda. 3.8 Miles of up to 13% Grade (With even higher in some switch backs) through the massive redwood trees, challenge even the most fit rider.

I have stammered trying to tell my new East Coast friends what fun this road is and can be, but they just do not have anything here to compare it to. When I moved here, I asked where the hills were and I was told to go ride up and down a bridge. Yes, a bridge. It is the steepest thing within 150 miles. No joke. I live on a sandy, marshy plain. No hills. None. Zip. Nada. The plus side to this is I can now maintain 90+rpm and average over 20mph for as long as I want. Even in heavy crosswinds. 

Here is a great great pair of videos done by a cycling geek on Old La Honda Road with a power tap overlay. Cyclists will geek out at the beauty of over 600 watts generated by this dude on his bike. Dig the crazy grades and groovy info the power tap provides! Bike porn at its best, yo.

The video at the bottom is me descending the course in about 12 minutes you just watched this guy climb in 20 minutes. I hit over 40mph once and averaged 26mph. Yes, the whole video is my lovely face. Partly because I couldn’t get the duct tape to hold the camera facing forward, but mostly because I’m just vain like that. I love me, and I know you do too! So enjoy the Silversun Pickups and understand you could be out riding your bike instead of watching a video of me doing it. (It’s OK, laugh. I’m a funny guy.)

Come by the shop and we can geek out together.

 Geeky cycling beauty at its best, folks.

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