Fabian Cancellara’s Yellow Jersey Bike

Recently, I had the great fortune to attend a week long seminar at the Specialized Bicycle Components University in Morgan Hill, California. I know, I just moved from there, right? We could see the Lick Observatory to the North, and I discussed with our trainers the 20+ mile climb up there as well as Old La Honda Road.

I must tell you what a fantastic time I had there, and I will go into more depth as my time allows, but I wanted to give you a taste of what outstanding cycling history and cutting edge technology Specialized represents.

Fabian Cancellara has taken Paris Roubaix twice. He is the worlds best time trialist having taken the UCI World Champianship four times, and he wore the Yellow Jersey for roughly the first half of this years Tour de France. (That means he was in the lead, the big dog, the head cheese, the top mo-fo…)

This is Fabian’s Specialized Yellow S-Works Tarmac. It is on display in the lobby of Specialized World Headquarters. Truly a piece of cycling history worthy of drool.

Check out the top tube medallion.


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