Cycling News: Specialized Purist Water Bottles

If you are a cyclist this is HUGE NEWS! The Specialized Purist Water Bottles are almost here! For years Specialized marketed the worlds best water bottles, but the Purist is even better! I’ve had the chance to test out these bottles for the past few weeks and I am beyond impressed!

The Mo-Flo cap is coolio! You can leave the cap pulled up, (ready to drink out of) and nothing will leak out. For years I have battled cleaning sticky gunk that has leaked out all over the down tube and BB, but NO MO! Mo-Flo!

The bottle has a clear view strip down the side so you can see inside. The top is wide enough you can put whole ice cubes in it, or dump your recovery drink powders in it with no problem. I have always had dedicated bottles for mixing powders in because they ended up staining the inside of the bottle. Purist alleviates that with an infused inner lining. The lining keeps your drink from tasting like is has… well… been in a plastic bottle. The top has a grippy rim that helps you remove and replace it. The best part is the squirty nipple thing twists out so you can clean it.

Specialized has done it again with the Purist. It is a piece of cutting edge cycling equipment that you will own because it is just that damn good.

Drop me a line for more info!


2 Responses to “Cycling News: Specialized Purist Water Bottles”

  1. that IS cool!

  2. Isn’t it?!!? No more crusty, yucky bottles!

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