Beach to Battleship Triathlon – The photos

I worked as a volunteer on this Iron-Distance race. Triathlete Magazine calls B2B one of the best in the world.

Here are some of the photos I was able to get during the race.

My official job title was “Dude ringing a bell, standing on a bridge.”

I have more photos, but no more time this morning. More later!

Congrats to all who tested themselves from the Beach to the Battleship!


3 Responses to “Beach to Battleship Triathlon – The photos”

  1. Rene Quadt Says:


    Great pics and thanks for volunteering! The volunteers really (and I mean this sincerely) make this a truly great event

    I am the cyclist in the bottom picture. Is there any chance I could get an electronic copy? Please let me know.



    • Hi Rene! Thank you! I loved being a part of this race. I was on that bridge most of the morning. Then I had a full day at work, and then spent my evening at the last aid station on the run course.
      If you click on the photo it will open the full size jpg. You can then right click on it and save it to your pc. I loaded the full size pics here so anyone could grab them.
      Congratulations on running from the Beach to the Battleship!!!

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