Jessica Layman Day/ Rand Miller Appreciation Society

Cyclists unite!

My good friend and confidant (read: some guy I have never met before but I read his blog) Rand Miller, Cat 1 Cyclist, San Francisconian, and dude who appreciates big honkin burgers and beer, is the founder of a weekly event that has gained such a following the across the world it has changed the course of human history. (read: I sometimes remember to look at his blog)

The event I am talking about is of course Jessica Layman Day.

Parades are held. Confetti and fireworks fill the air. Marching bands play “We’ve got the beat.” Jessica Layman is one of those rare cyclists who should be placed upon a pedestal and admired for her efforts and it took someone like Rand Miller to bring this weekly special day to fruition. Scoffed at by some, Miller has held his ground, forging ahead with this truly special part of the week. Labeled a madman, a stalker and a slow, fat, cyclist, Miller has paid no attention to his critics and forged ahead to create what is now heralded as one of the greatest occasions of the entire week: Jessica Layman Day.

JLD has become a tradition even celebrated by her parents.

Rand Miller, I salute your efforts.

Jessica Layman: I bow to the glory you represent.

My fair readers, should you appreciate Rand Miller’s efforts and would like to contribute to the cause, please send me any donations you would like and I will use them to by beer and burgers in his and Jessica’s honor.

Thank you and God Bless America.


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  1. […] team, per se, and because it lacks a dedicated cycling kit, I chose to wear Jessica Layman’s (of Jessica Layman Day fame) pink “Trashy Cat” jersey emblazoned with my school’s logo via Sharpie […]

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