My opinion of burning the Koran

Setting fire to a pile of paper is meaningless. A book in and off itself is only a pile of paper. The book store is full of books. It is the idea contained within the book that gives it meaning. A book is a book is a book, the ideas contained within a book are powerful. Burning a book is the attempt of oppressing an idea. The Nazis burned books because they wanted to control the minds of the masses, they wanted to limit the ways people thought. Burning a book is an act of ignorance.

I am not a religious man, however I have known quite a few people who are. America was founded with the idea of religious freedom to pray to whom you wish. I believe that who you pray to is more intimate than who you sleep with. With sex, you are only sharing your body where with praying, you are sharing your soul.

Pastor Terry Jones of the Dove World Outreach Center in Fla. is the man who has chosen to hold an event called “Burn a Koran Day.” He is a moron. He is not a moron because of who he prays to, he is a moron because as a religious leader he has allowed his own prejudice to blind him to the consequences of his actions. Prejudice is not illegal, just like ignorance is not. You can be as stupid as you want to be and no one will come and arrest you for it, as long as your actions do not affect others in a stupid way. This man is ignorant and his “Day” is an expression to the magnitude of his stupidity. Forrest Gump said “Stupid is as stupid does.” Well… I think this guy measures as at least “Dumb-ass” on the chart.

I don’t like the taste of celery. Celery is a healthy food that some people find comfort in eating. Being crunchy it satisfies a primal urge and need for some. It is not to my taste. I choose to eat other things. I do not go out and plan an event to burn celery seed packets and tell others how wrong they are for eating it.

There is taste, and there is tact. Being tasteless is not a crime, it is just a shame when it reflects poorly on those around the tasteless schmuck. Having no tact will get you smacked. Tell a woman you just met that she has great cans and she might deck you. Tell someone who they pray too is wrong and you are a moron. Pastor Terry Jones of the Dove World Outreach Center is a moron.

9/11 is a scar on humanity. Those who perpetuated this assassination were intolerant radicals. It is a shame they used the veiled excuse of religion to murder innocent beings. However, blaming an entire religion for the acts of a few radicals is wrong.

My opinion of burning the Koran is that it is an act of ignorance. The fact that it is being planned by a religious figure from another religion makes me nauseous. Setting fire to that book will change nothing other than bolstering the resolve of those who have already read it and hold the ideas within it as their truth. This man is not teaching religion, he is now the radical attempting to assassinate an idea. His ego has blinded him to the truth.

It does not matter what religion you hold as your truth, as long as we can all live in harmony. We can agree to disagree and be neighborly, we do not have to stand in defiance and insult an entire religion with such ignorant acts.


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