Ellen Page and time


I had a very vivid dream last night where I had to revisit a former high school. My goal there was to find a book that was in the schools library. It was later at night, yet there were hundreds of people there. It was winter and I wore a bulky jacket and a scarf. Ellen Page and I were together looking for this book. As we entered we realized that half of the school was a shopping mall: Shoe stores, sports equipment stores, clothes stores, and a food court. It was overwhelming, yet brilliant. What an idea, attaching stores geared toward students to the school where they are. 

Back to the dream: There was a game that night and hundreds of people were there. I approached a large security guard and told him that we had to get to the library. He told us that the school wings were closed for the evening and we would have to come back. 

Ellen and I needed the book that night. We walked around the corner; she took off her jacket, put on a wool cap and jumped on my back. We walked right by the guard and he thought we were students. 

Making our way to the library I began to pay attention to how the school had changed since I had attended. It was so big now, so different. (History: I only attended the school in this dream for a year.) 

I began to talk to Ellen: 

“Life moves forward, doesn’t it? It is kind of like that video game, Tetris, where you have to take out the blocks at the bottom in order to change the top. Sometimes you end up changing it in places you didn’t want to. You say ‘No! No! No! I didn’t want that to change!’ but you can’t really control it. You can only move your little boxes.” 

“What’s Tetris?” 

I dropped her on her butt. 

…and woke up. 

If I don’t get the chance to tell you again, I love you all. Things change and time eats things.


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