tempers flare at the tour de france

Tempers flare at the Tour de France today. At the end of Stage 6, the longest day of the Tour at just over 140 miles, and the hottest day thus far, Carlos Barredo of Team Quick Step attacked Rui Costa at the finish line. Barredo claimed Costa elbowed him during the sprint to the finish line, nearly knocking him off his cycle. Barredo removed the front tyre of his cycle and attacked Costa with the wheel and a furry of punches. Costa yanked the tyre out of Barredos hands and returned a few punches. The two then wrestled for a moment as members of the press and team officials separated the two.

Tour rules clearly state a no tolerance policy with regards to fighting. Shockingly tour officials have merely fined the two cyclists 400 francs. ($381.00)

Perhaps there is a audience for full contact cycling.


One Response to “tempers flare at the tour de france”

  1. I love all of the angry french. I didn’t hear foutoi though. Seriously they don’t use Francs anymore so what’s the dealio with that??

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