Casey’s Corner Hot Dogs and Range Rovers

If you have never been to a Disney theme park I can tell you to believe the hype. It is everything they say it is: the happiest place on earth. In the late 90’s I went to Disney in Orlando, FL and had the time of my life. Disney is not just a theme park, it is four theme parks all beside each other. The Magic Kingdom is the traditional Walt Disney experience, with Mickey and Mini walking around. Most of the exhibits and rides that are geared more toward younger kids, but most are fun for everyone. Most. The “It’s a small world” ride is there and if I have to suffer through it, the rest of you do too.

When I was there, we happened to be standing on the main street that leads up to Cinderella’s castle when we noticed a place called Casey’s Corner. It had a baseball theme centered around the Great Casey. They had hot dogs.

I never thought I would brag about eating a hot dog but Casey’s Corner in The Magic Kingdom of Orlando’s Disney World is the best damn hot dog I have ever put in my mouth. I’ve been to Yankee Stadium, (the old one) Braves, Marlins and the Giants and eaten a hot dog at each one. (I know, hot dogs are the worst and I do not advocate eating them but every so often.)

Disney. Casey’s. Hot Dog. Damnit!

Years later, I was living in Connecticut, working with Land Rover and had a client with two small children who I was working with on a Range Rover. My Range Rover clientele were more friends than just clients. I always figured if a person is going to write me a check for $100,000, that person is investing in a relationship, not just a car. Also, Rovers are not known for their stellar reliability so making rich clients happy is an art, not a science.

Well, this client wants this ultra special, limited edition Rangie and I want to sell it to him but the thing won’t be out for a few months, so every other week or so I invite him out to a late lunch. I get one of our fleet Range Rovers and pick him up at is office.

(Sales tactic when selling to the elite: Your elite clients love to be pampered and they love attention. Always ask for the “nickel tour” if your client is the owner of the business. They will eat up the chance to brag a little. I don’t care about their business, I want to tap into their passion before I put him into my product. Having him show me the business, the office, and the people that are the lifeblood of his business gets him into the mood to spin the positive notes of what they do. He is not going to tell me about some dude who stole office supplies, he is going to say this is “Greg and he is in charge of distribution,” bla bla bla. Plus, you get to meet more people to sell your products to. The late lunch pick up at his office meant that the rest of his staff less likely be busy and would notice my picking him up. When I bring him back, someone will ask him about the vehicle and he gets to repeat the things I just told him at lunch, to someone else. It solidifies his “want” and maybe even sparks someone else’s.)

So this guy mentions taking the family to Disney for vacation in a few weeks. I shared this same story about the hot dog with him. “I never thought I would brag about a hot dog but…” bla bla bla.

The uber special limited one of Rangie comes in. I sell him the Range Rover.

Time goes by. Weeks. Maybe even two months. I go away for a vacation and come back to a message on my work phone of this guy, on his cell phone, mawing down on his third hot dog sitting in Casey’s Corner at Disney.

“Nom, nom, nom…best hot dog I’ve ever…nom, nom, nom…wanna get another vehicle as a work car…nom, nom, nom…”

I kept that recording as long as I worked out of that office.

The Great Casey might have struck out, but I hit a home run!


3 Responses to “Casey’s Corner Hot Dogs and Range Rovers”

  1. two posts about food? do you have the munchies? 😀 HA!

  2. The one reminded me about the other…
    Also, I really wanted to put “Nom, nom, nom” in a post.

  3. that was my favorite part. am i rubbing off on u? 🙂

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