tv show called “huge”

A blog pal of mine wrote about this new show “Huge” which prompted me to write. Here is what I said:

I wanted to chat a bit about “Huge.” With the overwhelming success of the marketing juggernaut “Biggest Loser,” “Losing It with Jillian” and the upcoming “Breakthrough with Tony Robbins” all of which carry an uplifting message of hope and the promise of a better quality life through work and hard effort, we had to expect the backlash of a show that is sympathetic to a self acceptance with no effort toward self improvement. “Huge” is one of these shows. It feeds off of loathing self deprecation and sympathizes low self esteem. “I’m fat and I’m happy” is what it attempts to scream.

The reason the main character is a whiny miserable person is because being huge is miserable. Sadly I can see it now, thousands of people around the world tuning in saying “Yeah, you go girl, be yourself” while they gorge themselves on heavily processed frozen pizzas, Twinkies and cheetos while they wallow in their own self pity. It is a venue of codependent crap. It teaches people that it is OK to be unhealthy. A 5’5” woman should never ever ever weigh over 200 pounds. No ones ass should be that big. Baby got back? Baby got heart disease and will statistically spend more time in hospitals and doctors offices than a more reasonable proportioned person. Eat less, move more.

Self improvement is a choice. It is not easy, but it leads to such a more satisfying life than that of misery, sitting around waiting for heart disease or cancer.

I implore you not to advocate this show and boycott watching as its agenda is based upon misery loving company and it will bring nothing positive into your world. If no one watches it, the network will replace it with something more uplifting.


6 Responses to “tv show called “huge””

  1. haha is it bad that curiosity kills the cat and now i want to actually see what it is about… as a technically obese person by bmi standards i m trying to better myself but still accept myself at every stage of my journey, as i have lost a lot of weight before but never changed my mentality along the way. i think u can accept yourself but still try to be in a constant state of self improvement. i think self acceptance is a great thing but i also think we should always strive to better ourselves…

  2. I’m right there with you, but I believe in piping a better message into people’s home than what this show is. TV is such a brain magnet, watch people who are watching TV and you will see the zombie state they get into… Don’t get me wrong, I love me some TV, but your brain will put out what you put in. Fill it with positive images of someone working hard and sweating and changing their lives and your brain will think that is the norm. Maybe even motivational enough to change, but fill it with a bad attitude and stereotypical hogwash (no that is not a fat pun) like this and… well I watched it and wanted to order a friggin pizza and cry. Chics dig that whole “watch a show that makes you cry” BS. Buy Steal Magnolias on DVD and skip Huge.

  3. haha 🙂 Okay, I’ll take your word for it. I do NOT want to watch a show that makes me order a pizza. There is a reason why I like DVR so much — fast forward through the commercials of fast food restaurants. TV is rather suggestive and Americans get easily sucked into that, including me. I’ll stick with the more positive shows.

  4. When I looked up a review on Huge I found an article that referenced this blog:

    and I have absolutely no understanding in it at all… wow

    • How horrid. How sad. How disgustingly pathetic. I have no time for that.
      I will refrence the Aussie Biggest Loser video in the link below:

      Michelle: (Jillian’s counterpart, the Aussie trainer) “Sarah’s not happy, you know, and she wants to leave, and she…

      Jillian (flatly) : “Let her leave. You can’t… Forget it. Let her leave then.” Jillian begins to walk away, then turns: “You can’t want it more than her. You’ll never be able to help her unless she wants to stay.”

      To the camera Jillian expounded: “If you choose to stay, we would love to have you. If you choose to stay, I’m here to help you. If you choose to stay, everybody will welcome you with open arms. If not, I respect your decision… Go with God.”

      Amen. Via con Dios, sucka.

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