hot russian spy chica

Sooooo, she’s a Russian spy, AND she’s into soft core porn? Dude! OK… Check it…for her punishment the government should shack her up as a stripper in some dive! No, really. ‘Cause I would totally spend $25 bucks to go to the champagne room with the hot Russian spy chic! I mean, c’mon. Our government needs to work on the national deficit, right? Seriously dude, dig it… Angelina’s got nuthin on this chic. I mean Tomb Raider was a video game… Salt is a movie… Mrs. Smith ho-ed it up with Brad… This chic’s a friggin SPY! How hot is that?!?!




4 Responses to “hot russian spy chica”

  1. hot russian spy chica…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  2. very hott

  3. Right? It is out of James Bond or something.

  4. Well we just traded 10 Russian spyies for, 4 Russian nationals that were accused of spying in Russia. I know that trades are good for relations but I have to wonder what intrest the USA has in 4 Russian nationals that were in jail in Russia. I certainly hope there is some other agreement that comes from this ordeal that benifets our country.

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