the blind rascal

Today when I was returning from my ride, I had to wait at a cross walk. Lost in thought it took a second to register the man on the other side of the road. I have seen the “Rascal” wheel chair on its late night infomercial and I watched the man ride up on his. He was a large man in that should he stand up, I would guess he was over 6′ tall. The flag on the little pole bobbed back and forth as he bumped over the uneven sidewalk. Then I noticed the blind cane. A long white cane thrust out in front of his scooter, tipped in red that he swung across the ground in a sweeping motion to alert him of any obstacles in the way. He wore dark glasses.

At first I giggled thinking to myself “That dude is f**ked up if he needs a Rascal AND a blind cane!”

Then it dawned on me how horrible it must be and how this man deserves my sympathy. I felt awkward for having made a joke at his expense, even though it were only to myself. I felt bad that I had taken the photo and thought twice about deleting it.

The light changed and the man piloted the Rascal toward my side of the street. As he approached I could not bring my eyes above the rhythmic swing of that blind cane. Just as we met, I stepped out of his way, on the traffic island in the middle of the street. Suddenly the man’s chair came to an abrupt halt, beside me. Not understand what was going on, I looked at his face, he now had the glasses pulled to the end of his nose. I met eyes with him for just a second. He had clear ice blue eyes that looked at me like I had kicked his dog. My inner voice was screaming he had seen me take the photo.

He winked at me and drove on.

Grandpa Rascal is full of crap.


3 Responses to “the blind rascal”

  1. bahahaha. This is, in fact, why you need to write a book…

  2. damnit, I am under the wrong “alias”. haha.

  3. Wrong Alias… I have pondered this for a bit, trying to guess your true identity… but then I get lost thinking about Jennifer Garner when she used to be on Alias… Dude, that chic kicked butt! and Hot? Waaaaaa!!!!

    Book, eh? Hmmmm. I know some people whose lawyers ears perk up when I start talking about books…

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