sherpa’s favorite movie moments: the matrix trilogy

We all have them, we all love them, those moments during a movie that just stick out and stay with us. Something we think back on when we remember that particular movie, or series of movies. Some are funny, some sad, and some are just odd.

OK…This movie moment is hysterical to me because it is not supposed to be funny. It is supposed to be a serious moment where the audience gets to catch their breath in the middle of the mayhem… but I get hysterical every time I think of it.

The Matrix came to us from the minds of Andy and Larry Wachowski. The first movie was epic in that it took us to a rhelm beyond our comfort zone. It made us think of alternate universes that only existed in our minds. Plus there was kick ass kung fu and Cary Ann Moss in a tight, leather, body suit.

Matrix: Reloaded, the second in the triligoy is where today’s moment comes from.

So…Neo, Trinity and Morphis need to go save this little Keymaker guy from the Merovingian Dude. Merv is one of my favorite charactors because of his smug and popmus attitude. When Merv’s wife betrays him and gives our heroes the Keymaker, Neo stands alone to fight this insane fight and hold off the barbaric hoard of Mervs henchmen giving the others a chance to escape. It is an epic battle, but not the moment I’m looking for.

Merv has these ghosty white, dreadlock wearing, twin dudes he sends after Trinity, Morphis and the KeyDude.

Trin, Morph and Key dude jump into a car and hop onto the interstate, speeding away. Trin and Morph have a quick conversation about how the interstate is a bad place and they should never go there setting up one of the most epic chase scenes ever put to film.

So White Dreadlock Twin Dude is hammering away with the machine gun…

Cars are flipping, bullets are ricocheting…

Our heroes ditch the Dread Twins and the Agents for just a brief second and bring their demolished car to a screeching, smoldering halt atop an overpass exit…

Morpheus tells Trinity to get the Key Dude outta there as he turns to face the Dready Guys…

Trin and the Key Dude jump off the overpass onto a passing truck load of Ducati racing bikes…

Morpheus then gives us one of the baddest most kick ass moments in Hollywood history. The truck is almost on him…

at the last second he jumps to the side and slashes through the wheel well of the truck flattening the tyre and causing it to weave out of control and roll over…

as the truck begins to roll he whips out his machine pistol and begins to spray the gas tank with bullets…

In slow motion we see the hail of bullets, spent cartridges, and debris from the wrecking vehicle explode into a fireball killing the two Dreadlock Twins!

Awesome moment! But it is not the moment I am here to talk about today.

Meanwhile on the Ducati truck Trinity plans to hop on one of the race bikes and tear off into the night…

As we learned in the first movie, if you are in the Matrix and need a new skill, you can just call the dude who is back in the real world with your body, and he can “upload” a new skill into your brain. So Trinity calls to learn how to hotwire the Ducati but the Key Dude just yanks a key off of his belt and hands it to her. “You are handy” she says and climbs on a Ducati 996 to begin what is in fact the greatest motorcycle chase scene I have ever witnessed.

But wait a sec… I have to point out that in order to film this the Wachowski brothers didn’t just find an old strip of highway… They actually built several miles of highway complete with a functional overpass. Look back at these photos because they had to build the sound wall, the divider in the middle of the road, and they had to pave the road. This was filmed in Australia but if you look you will see the Chicago city scape off in the background. That is not digital. It is a huge cutout. Now think about this, every vehicle you can see, and every driver in those cars are a part of the movie. They are all moving when the director says “Action” and if something messes up, they have to stop, back every one up and reset to where they were. If you pay attention to the vehicles on either side of the road, they stay consistent from shot to shot. Think about how hard that is. Yes there were some digital vehicles added later, but still, everything that you can see is there because they wanted it there. It was built for this shot and was placed there for a reason.

Now back to Trinity and the Key Dude on the truck.

Remember that everything in this shot is there because of this scene: The sound walls, the overpass, the cars, the drivers, the cameras and even the road! Look at the Key Dude… He is checking her out. She hops onto the bike and he is scoping her out! Dude is getting a paycheck to scope a chic’s ass.

That is the funniest moment of the entire trilogy!

If you read all the way here and feel let down my build up, please feel free to write your own blog and convey whatever in life you feel is funny. Until then, Shaddup. You don’t pay to belong to my blog. It is free. You get all my expertise for no charge. You may bask in the light of my excellence. You may eat cake.

2 Responses to “sherpa’s favorite movie moments: the matrix trilogy”

  1. I have seen this movie maybe 10 times. just the other night I was enjoying the action scenes and saw this particular scene that the last image in your blog is included in. I saw the lady throw her leg over the bike for at least the tenth time and could not believe i had missed the incredible buns the last ten times. Even the old Chinese guy was enraptured by them. I’m going to get my old lady some tight leather pants and find us a Ducati shipment…

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