here is a free workout for you with tony horton, the creator of p90x! free!

Yeppers. This is a free full workout, part of Tony Horton’s One on One series. You can do this at home, just enlarge the screen and do what they do. Sure Tony created P90X and no joke that workout is extreme, but this one is a good single work out that anyone can do. Don’t say you can’t. I don’t listen to that crap. Brian is over 400 pounds and he is working out. With the Beachbody products you do them in your own home, with no judgemental eyes staring at you. Your whole gym is right there between the TV and the sofa and you don’t need a bunch of gitchity-gadgety expensive, auto-ma-tronic, bullshit-o-meters to get fit. Just do your best, and forget the rest.

I got turned on to Tony Horton and P90X by listening to Jillian Michaels’ old radio show. Sadly she does not do the radio show anymore, so you have to have a friend who recorded some of the episodes… but you know me, and I got cha hook up wit dat.

Lots of Jillian’s workouts are geared around losing weight, not building muscle. So learning about P90X and what it could do from someone who had my respect, was all the sign off I needed. I had to learn what questions to ask in order to get the results I wanted. I am a cyclist and burn crazy calories in one workout. Doing extra cardio only caused me to become a toothpick and become more self conscious about my body. I thought a workout was a workout, and if you did it, you would be fit. Well, it all depends on what you want to do. Building muscle is a different work out than burning fat. It is also a very different diet. (Hate the word “diet.” Should just say “ingest of consumable sustenance.”)Some people look at themselves and see fat. I see skinny. In my mind they are both equal curse words. Check this out to see my comparison. If I can find the recording from her radio show, I will edit it and put it up here… but you ask how did I go from Jillian Michaels to Tony Horton?!?!?

I’m glad you asked…

A few years ago, I was looking down the barrel of my 40th birthday, and just not happy with where my life was: single, out of shape, smoking and drinking I was depressed, lonely and just did not know how to get myself out of that rotten place. I have chronicled here how I became aware of the Biggest Loser TV show, and through that found motivation to move. I saw real people make real changes in their lives.

Lately on this blog I have felt the need to defend the show, and what it represents. I have no regrets about doing so. However, I want to give a special shout out to Kai Hibbard. While I earnestly disagree with her actions, I will absolutely yell from the highest mountain about her personal accomplishments. She went from over 260 pounds to a more appropriate weight for her height. While I disagree with the way she is going about her agenda, I highly doubt she had the personal drive or fire to take on the world as she is doing now, before she changed her life on the Biggest Loser. So, props to the woman, but someone give her a publishers number so she can write a book.

In watching the Biggest Loser I became aware of Jillian Michaels. Of course my being a single dude living alone I surfed the web for hot pics of her and I thank the guys at FHM for this:

After another search of Jillian’s name I discovered that because the copyright laws are a bit different, entire seasons of the Biggest Loser in Australia, that she and Bob also were the trainers for, are on YouTube. I had the flu and over the course of a weekend being bed ridden, watched the entire first season of the Aussie BL. Outstanding! Watching Adro overcome his demons was inspiring. I began to watch the second season and came across a woman named Sarah who quit. She was on Jillian’s team and she cried, and pouted and felt sorry for herself and she quit. Jillian’s response was what motivated me to change. (It starts at about .45 on the video below)

Michelle: (Jillian’s counterpart, the Aussie trainer) “Sarah’s not happy, you know, and she wants to leave, and she…

Jillian (flatly) : “Let her leave. You can’t… Forget it. Let her leave then.” Jillian begins to walk away, then turns: “You can’t want it more than her. You’ll never be able to help her unless she wants to stay.”

To the camera Jillian expounded: “If you choose to stay, we would love to have you. If you choose to stay, I’m here to help you. If you choose to stay, everybody will welcome you with open arms. If not, I respect your decision… Go with God.”

 These words and this non-coddling attitude lit a spark inside me that was unlit before. In 38 years, (at the time I first saw it) I had never seen someone throw another persons choice to give up back at them in such a finite manor. At that moment it became a goal of mine to work around making myself better and choosing not to quit. It also became a goal to surround myself with people who had a similar view on life.

If you want to fight, I will stand by you. If you choose not to fight, then go the hell home. Fight for your self because you are worth it. Dragging you is a waste of my time. I will help you in anyway I can. I will fight for you and your goals with my last dying breath. I can show you that you are capable of more than you give yourself credit for. I can show you that you can overcome any obstacle. I can prove you wrong about being a loser, or not good enough, or too old, or too weak, or whatever old record that plays in your skull and keeps you down. I can help you change. I changed and if I can do it, God knows you can too. I am not the smartest man in the world, in fact far from it. I’m kinda dumb and have an ex-wife an ex-fiancé and a string of ex girlfriends who would be glad to tell you how stupid I really can be but I will share with you the fact is, I changed and so can you.

Not only can you change, but if you are interested I can show you how to change your life and be healthier than you ever thought possible, AND make money doing it. God bless America.

P.S. I know my babbling here is silly and nonsensical at times, but try the workout listed above. Tony has a whole One on One series, there is P90X, Turbo Fire, Insanity, 10 Minute Trainer… and the list goes on and on. If you want to change something about your body, I promise I have a program that will work for you. Not only that, I will absolutely promise to help you achieve your goals if you allow me to be your coach. Just go to and drop me your email. Dude, change your body, change your mind. Motion creates emotion and the more you move the better you feel.

Peace out, ya’ll!

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