sherpa’s book of the week: sarah reinertsen’s in a single bound

This week is a treat! I got to read Sarah Reinertsen’s book, In a Single Bound! Sarah is one of my ultimate heroes because of her drive, her self awareness and her personal commitment to bettering herself.

Sarah had a birth defect and as a result, her left leg was amputated when she was seven. When she was thirteen she broke the record for the 100 meter run for women who are an above the knee amputee. She has consistently pushed herself to become better and train harder and reach further than her grasp and is recognized as a world class athlete across the board.

I became aware of Sarah in 2004 when she attempted the Kona Ironman but failed to make the bike cut off. The NBC docudrama that covered that year featured Sarah and left us with the image her standing there sobbing. It was heart wrenching. However the next year, Sarah came back to Kona and finished the race becoming the first female leg amputee to finish the Ironman World Championship. This woman inspires my soul as you can see.

In a Single Bound tells Sarah’s story from childhood up through Ironman and then on to her participation in the CBS reality show, The Amazing Race. Yep, that was her. Hottie, right? Oh my God!

Glowing with a steadfast resolute to always move in a direction of progress, Sarah embodies success. Let’s forget about the leg, and just see her as the person who has set world record after world record and worked toward achieving her goals until they were a reality.

If you read one book this summer, please choose In a Single Bound. You will thank me.

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