(UPDATE) my interaction with kai hibbard, runner up of biggest loser season 3

Kai Hibbard was the runner up of Season 3 of NBC’s The Biggest Loser. She appeared on CBS slamming the show, seemingly, unprovoked.


I became aware of it after friend of mine posted the above video on her Facebook page. Someone I am not ‘friends’ with made the comment that Kai “already had an eating disorder” and that Kai “needed to work on what it was in her that triggered her to take it to the opposite extreme.”

Being a fan of the show, having had interactions with Jillian Michaels, JillianMichaels.com and being friendly with quite a few former contestants from the show, I was motivated to action and researched Kai Hibbard. On a Google of her name I found this page. After viewing Kai’s blog I made following comment on my friends Facebook page:

“This is the first I have heard of this. Season 3 was with Bob and Kim Lyons. Jillian was not on the show that season. I think (the person who made the other comment) may be onto something where Kai had issues before even going there. Season 3 was a long time ago. I went to Kai’s blog site and she is trying to sell a diet product on it, so I question her motivation for saying bad things about the show.”

To my wonder and surprise I got a response from Kai Hibbard herself. Her profile photo was this one:

She wrote:

“@Steve it’s actually a vitamin and supplement, and I’m not trying to sell it I represented them for a while when I took it, my sister is in the supplement and organic foods industry and the whole message of this company was slow healthy weight loss with a focus on an entire lifestyle change, which I totally believe in btw and I tend to lend my name/face to things I believe in. Oh, and I didn’t have an eating disorder before, I just happened to get fat. I taught aerobics all through my undergrad and ate like a horse, I stopped teaching 3 classes a day when I graduated but kept eating like a horse and gained a ridiculous amount of weight in a six month time frame. Not an eating disorder, just a bad habit of not balancing what I ate with my activity levels. :)”

The other person commenting replied (quoting Kai’s statement) ” ‘ just a bad habit of not balancing what I ate with my activity levels’ = EATING DISORDER”

Kai responded “…My eating didn’t become disordered, in my opionion, until my time on that Ranch…” and “… I don’t think it’s possible to understand how something like cutting all food and liquid out 24 hours before a weigh in and layering on clothing and working out in a 100 degree gym to get as much weight off as possible every week can seem perfectly reasonable…” She then makes the statement ” I succumbed to what essentially amounted to a minor form of Stolkholms” because “when everyone around you, especially those who you believed were producing and participating in this show because they genuinely cared about people and were interested in getting you “healthy” condones, and even advocates, behaviors like this while telling you how lucky you are to be there, you start to think it’s fine.”

I had to think about this for a while but I responded:

“Hi Kai. It is nice to chat with you. It is an unexpected and pleasant surprise to be able to interact with you directly. I am a big advocate of Jillian Michaels. I watched Season 3 even though Jillian was not a part of the show. I must admit to never being impressed with Kim Lyons, however I believe she was put into a bad situation being thrust into working her team against Bob who had been working with people in this unique atmosphere for quite a while before she ever came around. Again, I understand there is a great amount of theater involved because it is a TV show. Things that seem trivial at the moment, may be sensationalized for the show because of editing…bla bla bla.

I get what you are saying about sometimes the show would say that it had been a week when in fact it had been longer. I get the fact that even during the filming there are times when contestants would intentionally dehydrate themselves to make for better numbers. I mean there is a potential paycheck of $250,000 at the end, and fluffing the numbers any way possible is going to happen. Someone with immunity is going to eat salt and drink water before weigh in to make the next weeks numbers look better. It is just part of it. It sucks, but it is still a game.

I also see that Kim Lyons is no longer a part of the show.

Your address of my last post confirms for me there is a state of denial you are dealing with. I referred to your ” trying to sell a diet product” on your blog and you corrected me by calling it a “vitamin and supplement” and a “lifestyle change” even though you have a before and after photo with the phrase “60lbs lost so far” on the page along with a link that takes you where you can order the product. The web page is also called “Kaisdiet.com.” I will also point out the disclaimer at the bottom: “Important Note: The author of this blog and advertising agency are affiliated by LiVea and Kai Hibbard is a paid spokesperson for LiVea Ultimate Apetite Control. Results may vary, but the account here is based on Kai’s own personal experience with LiVea.” In that alone, your slamming the Biggest Loser becomes highly suspect and looses its credibility.

  (In her interview she requested that people use spell check because there is a W in “media whore.” I was wondering if an “Ultimate Apetite Control” was a form gorilla restraint.)

Then, as (the other person commenting) has pointed out, your justification of “Not an eating disorder, just a bad habit of not balancing what I ate with my activity levels” is a clear statement of denial. As is: “My eating didn’t become disordered, in my opionion, until my time on that Ranch.” Your starting weight on the Ranch was 262 and you are 5’5”. To read your blog, shortly after the show ended, your weight went back up to 200. This is not a case of missing some aerobic classes.

Your defensive stance and crude remarks on television also point to just being disgruntled about your situation after the show. I notice that Erik, who you came in second to, has been featured on this last season because he had gained his weight back. I notice he spent time at the Biggest Loser Resort and wonder if he were offered a discounted rate because of his involvement in the show. I know other contestants have been afforded many opportunities because of their involvement with the show. Max Morelli was not even a contestant yet I see he also spent time at the BL Resort. Matt Hover was given a slot for Ironman Hawaii. Yes he had to complete a half Ironman in order to qualify the spot, but thousands upon thousands of people spend years and years trying to get an Ironman Hawaii slot. NBC gave him one. Ali regularly appears on QVC selling the Biggest Loser products.

You say that you are not trying to gain attention to sell the product that is listed on your blog so the question must arise to why you would attack the show at all. I would ask if NBC/Biggest Loser had refused to help with something you asked for. Or if you felt overlooked by fans of Seasons since yours. Bob and Jillian have been on talk shows for years making the statements that what happens at the Ranch is not what they advocate for real world weight loss, so your motivations are unclear as to why you have chosen to attack the show.

It is clear your time on the Ranch did not “fix” the problem. However, it did not cause the problem either, otherwise you would not have been there.

I see that I have written a small book here on (my friend’s) page, and I am sorry (to my friend), however sometimes the obvious unsaid needs to be said.

Kai, Thank you again for responding to me directly and I wish you well on your journey.”

The facts:

#1 Kai Hibbard was the runner up in her season of the Biggest Loser.

#2 Lots of other former Biggest Loser contestants have gone on to use their “celebrity” for profit or advantage.

#3 Kai has not found that recognition.

#4 Jillian Michaels, trainer from the Biggest Loser with the highest average of success with individuals on or off the show (author of best selling fitness and health related books, and creator of the highest selling home fitness DVD in history: 30 Day Shred) was not a part of Season 3, which is the season Kai is associated with.

#5 Kim Lyons is no longer associated with the Biggest Loser.

#6 Kai Hibbard is a paid spokesperson for the product that appears on a blog entitled “kaisdiet.com”

#7 There is no apparent reason for her attack on the show other than to draw attention to herself.

Slow deep breath. Whew.

So, boys and girls, my succinct point is: don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining.


Alright. I have spent way too much time on this, but I did get another response from Kai. She sent me an email directing me to her Facebook page to this note:


Some things stick out for me: 

The fact that she is so mad, and so unhappy she is willing to martyr herself for her principles. It reminds me of another group of individuals who believe in martyrdom: Al-Qaeda. I believe more in the words of General George S. Patton in that “The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other poor dumb bastard die for his.”

The Biggest Loser she was on had a different staff, a different host and was even filmed in a different location than the current version. She claims she came in second best because her trainer taught her all the wrong things to do. That trainer is no longer affiliated with the show. Wonder why? After the show, things did not go the way Kai wanted and now she wants someone to blame. I feel sad for Kai’s expirence but even more than that, I feel sad at her inability to move on with her life. Let it go Kai. Before this you were the chic who lost Season 3. Now you are the chic who lost Season 3 and has bitched about it for four years. Let’s hear a new tune. Move forward without dragging so much of that dead weight with you.

I will pray for you.

So with that, I will lastly say that Ms. Hibbard’s fifteen minutes of fame were over four years ago. She is crying over spilt milk that has already rotted away.


5 Responses to “(UPDATE) my interaction with kai hibbard, runner up of biggest loser season 3”

  1. Well said! I watched Kai’s video from CBS at the Huffingtonpost.com … Interesting comments over there. It would be good of you to post you writings on there about her. I feel she is responsible for her weight gain. While there have been plenty of BL who have gained some weight back, some have not or continued to lose weight which is statistically correct. Some people will fall back into old habits .. not unlike alcoholics, drug users, coffee drinkers. You know what I mean. And to promote an appetite suppressant and then point the finger at the Biggest Loser is hypocritical. She is just as bad then because she is offering a “get-quick” diet solution to those desperate to lose weight. Shame on her!

  2. waow… the great post today. thank you.

  3. I mistakenly entered into what I thought would be an educated discourse with an educated man, my fault. You are completely one sided and too ignorant to even realize it. This Blog is your blog so obviously you attempted to minimize my words. You need help, including the statement that you will pray for someone after calling them a terrorist is disgusting, as a believer in God and the universe I am sadden by you, but I will pray for your judgmental misguided soul.
    For anyone who truly wishes to see what I had to say and look at my words fairly please read the actual note above or goggle the actual interview.

    • Yes ladies and gentlemen, I got a response from Kai Hibbard herself right here on the old Trail.

      Yes, Mrs. Hibbard, I am one sided. Your attack on the Biggest Loser impacts people I care about and I will defend them. I believe your points could have been handled in a more professional manor which could have brought benefit instead of injury. The people you dealt with at the Ranch are not all the same people who are currently there. Yet your attack is general enough to make the public think you dealt with the same folks. That is not kosher.
      Why did you choose to come out now? Four years and seven seasons of the show later? What motivated you to appear on CBS bashing them? And why were you not more clear about who you were talking about?
      I am sorry that your experience went as afoul as you believe it to have gone, however you must admit that it did give you this platform to speak on. Otherwise you would just be a yahoo screaming from the rafters, like me.
      Am I ignorant? Maybe. But I did not sign a nondisclosure agreement with NBC and then badmouth them all over the place. I also understand that martyrdom doesn’t work. Who will carry on the standard of your cause? In order to get someone to martyr themselves, it takes the most dedicated, best person in the organization. Mohammad Ata was a big terrorist dude in the ranks of terrorists. I bet at the water cooler all the other terrorist would gossip that Ata was a brown nose. But here is the deal: he flies the plane into the building and then what? The best dude is gone. Now you are left with the clods who think in half truths and misunderstand what the deal is. There is no one around to ask advice from. The comparison is extreme, but the system of martyrdom is the same and my comparison makes you think instead of brushing off an off colour comment.
      You have a beef against the BL and NBC, fine. You get sued to the stone ages, and struggle to feed your kids. Then what? My example is extreme because your efforts are aligned with that type of thinking. Martyrdom doesn’t work because all the best people in the organization end up gone.
      Misguided? Maybe. Judgmental? Defiantly. In my eyes, the way you are going about what you are doing is wrong. Furthermore, I don’t believe in your cause, and quite frankly it would seem that you are dealing with unresolved issues that stem from internal anger. Maybe you are mad that the earlier seasons of the BL only dealt with numbers on a scale and these later ones deal with attempting to fix what is broken inside. I don’t know. I don’t care.
      What I do know is that for thousands upon thousands of people, the Biggest Loser has become a catalyst for action and self improvement you are just too dumb to cash in on your involvement in that. You came in second. You were the best woman of your season. And since then…what? Write a book for Christ sake. Work smart. Inject some good into the world, it will come back instead of assholes like me who are telling you what an insane bitch you are.
      Write about your expirence. Get it published. Make some moo-la. Here is the kicker, at the end of your book, you have to leave people with a good feeling. Like you triumphed over the looming threat of the big bad NBC…bla bla bla. We all know you are a miserable chic. Now what? Do something good or just shut up. There is no money in the country, BP fucked up the Gulf and Korea has the damn bomb. Let’s try to put goodness into the world because there is enough bad shit already.
      Thus endeth the lesson.

  4. […] about doing so. However, I want to give a special shout out to Kai Hibbard. While I earnestly disagree with her actions, I will absolutely yell from the highest mountain about her personal accomplishments. She went from […]

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