the greatest television show in the history of time

I have witnessed art in motion. The stars have aligned and I know joy. Shakespeare could not have written a sonnet with a greater impact than what I have beheld. Fox’s The Good Guys is proof that God exists and all is good with the world.

Colin Hanks is a great straight man, deadpan and direct. Bradley Whitford is my idol. His Dan Stark character is the penultimate lucky mess. He is sexist, derogatory and alcoholic… and it is the funniest thing I have seen in years. A-Team quality campy violence with 36,000 rounds from machine guns going off and cars being demolished but no one gets hurt, with tongue in cheek T&A, and story lines that are Steven J Cannell’s wet dreams!

Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus and he has brought us The Good Guys.

Let’s go bust some punks!


2 Responses to “the greatest television show in the history of time”

  1. Colin Hanks looks more and more like his father every day. Not like The Great Buck Howard was that good, but John Malkovich was also in it and he is awesome. The last tv I saw Hanks do is some spots on Numb3rs – he is very witty and I enjoy his humor. I will have to DVR this just to see what your fuss is for 🙂

  2. This show is so over the top and campy I love it!

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