sherpa’s book of the week

Ten Million Steps: The Incredible Journey of Paul Reese, Who Ran Across America–A Marathon a Day for 124 Days–At Age 73

At 73 years old, Paul Reese ran across America. He changed the way I viewed growing older. Like many, the only older people I knew growing up were my grandparents, and exercise was not even an subject they knew to talk about. Reading about the struggles and views that Paul and his wife went through on this trek, gives me hope for the future.

Most people that you hear about will train to run one marathon in their lives. 26.2 miles. This 73 year old man ran a marathon a day for 124 days and ran across America. It nullifies any excuses I have for not working out. Having a 73 year old dude kick your butt is not very macho. But seriously, if he can do that, it makes you think about what you can accomplish with a little effort.

This book covers his first trek across America but after this, Paul and his wife took on the task of running through the remander of the states to total all 50. His book Go East, Old Man details that part of their trek, but I have not read it yet.

Paul passed away in 2004 at the age of 87. He leaves behind the promise of a more fulfilled life beyond retirement age, and the challenge to push your self beyond your preconceived notions.


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