It is said that people remember nothing of what you say, little of what you do, but always remember how you make them feel. I follow my pen-pall and double secret crush, Natalie’s blog because of the way it makes me feel. 

It reads like a warm camp fire on a spring evening: sometimes with the quiet crackle of intrigue, and the smoky wonder of infinite thought. Other times she talks about Jenna Jameson and porn. Tell me, who would not fall in love with this chic, right? Men, women, gay, straight, left handed, right handed, disjointed second cousin twice removed on fire with… You get it, her feet don’t stink too bad for an athletic chic. (I don’t want her to get a big head or anything.)

The other day she was writing about love, and her heart:

” my heart has been hurt. my heart has been torn. but it is a muscle and if you allow it down time, and time to heal-the time to use it and work it also comes. it must be used or it will atrophy. so i guess with the tearing down of it, i have possibly started using it again, and toning it to beat hard and thrive.”

This inspired me:

Strong muscles are built with scar tissue.

A scar is not a mark of shame, rather a badge of experience.

While the shape and form of our bodies comes genetically from our families, it is the scars we earn on them which build our character and show how we endure life’s challenges.

Mentally and physically.

Scars are painful.

Scars are beautiful.


I once knew a woman who hid her scar. She felt shamed as if the scar made her a bad person, or reflected failure. This is the farthest from the truth. A scar is a beauty mark that we put there. A tattoo is a scar that we intentionally have added, but a tattoo is beautiful in a different way. A tattoo is a choice. A scar is a result. A scar shows that you have endured. Never be afraid to show the world your scar. Never hide who you are in shame. Scars are on your body but they are on your heart and soul too. These scars have to be shown as well, otherwise the same scar may get ripped open time and time again. Emotional scars have to be talked about, because they are not visible like a cut. The emotional scar is invisible to everyone but you, and it only grows large if you keep it to yourself. Sharing these scars will always diminish their size and build the scar tissue that gives us the strength to move forward, love again, trust again. Not only that, in sharing with someone else, you build trust with that person and help them to grow as well.

Scars are who we are.

Scars are beautiful.


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