tour of california, wrap up

This past week was the opportunity of the year. Being able to work alongside some of the worlds greatest cyclists has been motivational for my own cycling, but to see how an event of this magnitude gets put on has been awe inspiring. The teamwork and cohesive movement toward the common goal of bringing this spectacle to life moves me to tears.

Check this out:

Over 800 miles of racing action.

16 teams of at least 8 riders each, most of which traveled thousands of miles just to get here.

Hundreds of thousands of people witnessing the competition.

Law enforcement closing roads, guiding traffic away from the Peloton, keeping both the public and the teams safe.

Venders from all over the world setting up in a traveling festival.

Closing downtown Los Angeles traffic on a Saturday.

The production of television coverage.

Up to four helicopters providing constant coverage over the entire airspace of California.

There were no small parts in this massive ballet of humanity. I am very happy to have been given the chance to work with the Tour of California and hope people like the T-shirts and collectibles I was able to help them out with. It was my pleasure to share my passion of cycling with everyone. My thanks to everyone who gave me the chance to participate. I wish I could have taken more photos, and I am sure that Lance really meant to come over and say ‘Hey’ to me, but I am sure he was busy.

Maybe you can get my autograph next year, Lance.


One Response to “tour of california, wrap up”

  1. Awesome 🙂 And I want your autograph! tehe

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