I am an Independent Beachbody Coach and what that means is I coach people on how to get into the greatest shape of their lives, one day at a time. Beachbody is the company I choose to do business with because their products are the best on the market, taught by the best trainers available, using the best technology and proven to work time after time after time after time.

Go to YouTube and search for P90X or ChaLEAN Extreme or Insanity and you will see videos of people standing in their houses, changing their lives. Not in a gym with someone shouting at them, but in living rooms, kitchens and basements videos of people working out, while watching their TV’s. Most of them will have some sort of montage of before meets after, fat meets fit of their accomplishments. I am one of these people because it works.

Here are two of my friends who are also Independent Beachbody Coaches, Mike and Tami French. Their story is motivating and their relationship is a testament that not only is there hope for men and women to get along, but that this system works. They have four children.

Check out my site and let me know if you have any questions. I’m a coach, not a salesperson. That means you have to come to me and ask for help, but once you do, I can show you how to get into the best shape of your life. I can also show you how to make money while you do it. Mike and Tami do this full time and I will be leaving my part time job shortly as well. I have already left my full time job.

Rock on rock star!



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