UPDATED AGAIN!!! EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: lance crashes, drops out of TOC

Just seconds after the big crash in today’s Stage 5 of the Amgen Tour of California, Johan Bruyneel commands his armada from the cockpit of the Nissan Rouge. He calls to the Team Radio Shack riders that are still upright to “slow the race” as he coaches Lance through his injuries. The hematoma begins to swell on Lance’s elbow and the gash on his lower left eyelid continues to swell and bleed as he tries to fight through the pain but ultimately makes the choice to be safe and bow out.



Johan commanding the race.

You can see the person filming from Johan’s vehicle in this shot.

Bleeding and still stunned Lance is helped to his feet by Johan.

Involved in the same crash, Chechu Rubiera gets wicked road rash on his thigh. That’s gonna be a really cool scar! With texture!

(Here is where my ADHD kicks in… I am watching two of my personal heroes deal with a catastrophic, event-ending situation, one of them is physically wounded and bleeding, yet my thoughts drift to “Gee that Nissan Rouge sure is a cool vehicle…”)

Sorry folks, I am human after all.

Here is another video shot at the scene of the accident.




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