Tami and Mike French are two very inspirational people in my little world. They embody the American dream, or at least my definition of it: They have a great relationship, built on love and support, and they have found a way to teach their family and others how to live a better quality life. Mike was in the military for many years and Tami tells of how they would pick and choose the deployments he would go on so they could earn the extra hazard pay just to make the ends meet. How insane is that? Families just like Mike and Tami’s do it every day: they send their loved ones off into the darkest and most dangerous parts of the world for rent and food money. It almost doesn’t seem fair.

Mike and Tami now make their living as coaches with Beachbody, the same company, I coach with. Tami writes that they now earn upwards of three times what Mike made in the military! This summer they are moving their beautiful little family from the cold rocky mountains of Maine out here to the bright and sunny shores of California!

American Dream? What’s yours?

I can coach you to it. Just ask me how.


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