7 boxes of remnants

“Look at your life and ask why you are holding on to things that don’t make your life better. Now ask yourself if you have the strength to let go of these things.” Tony Horton – Creator of the P90X fitness system.

I’ve had seven unopened boxes that I have carried over a quarter of the way around our world. Two of them marked “office,” one marked “desk drawers” and the rest unmarked. I have carried them because they were important, they contained my ‘things,’ they were my ‘office things.’ I have moved them 12 different times within the borders of North Carolina. From North Carolina to Florida, back to N.C. Then to Connecticut and back to NC and now to California. This entire time, all seven of these boxes have remained unopened.

I have heard it said that a great coach is always a student. Tony brought it to my attention that I literally had baggage that was weighting me down.

Today I opened the boxes and threw out most of the crap in them.

I found this lighter in the office box and it just floored me. I guess it has been years since I smoked. I still feel uncomfortable moments now and then that could be related to that old addiction, but finding this lighter made me feel more sadness than anything. I was sad for the man who used to carry it. That guy was lost in a wilderness of no hope. He thought things outside could make the inside feel better.

I almost just threw the boxes out with out opening them but I am glad I went through them. They were a time capsule of the man I was then. The things I thought were important enough to keep that today just seem unnecessary, trivial, and unsafe. Product leaflets, business cards of people long gone, old calendars with old notes, photos of people no longer in my life, membership cards and passes to clubs that don’t exist anymore… I almost didn’t know that to do with these boxes, until I blinked and the trash can came into focus.

It is said that a man can never cross the same river twice, because with each second the river flows and changes and so does the man. My little foray into the past showed me the personal growth I have undergone. I took those things to the dumpster glad to no longer need them.

Odd thing happened while I was standing there, another tenant of my neighborhood was standing by the recycle bin looking for boxes he could move with. I dumped the trash out of my seven boxes and handed them to him with a smile.


3 Responses to “7 boxes of remnants”

  1. I LOVE IT!!! Funny, I took a break from packing up C-man’s stuff and had not checked your blog yet today. Glad I did. When I move, I am throwing loads of *sh*t* out! 🙂

  2. Moving is a form of sheading dead weight. You throw out things you end up needing, and when you get there throw out other things wondering why you paid to have them moved.
    I envy and don’t envy your move. I lived in Sarasota on and off most of my life. Summer is hot, and winter is crowded, but it is one of my most favorite places on Earth. Friendly people, easy going life style and fishing. I have cought two over 400lbs and countles over 100 out in the gulf. I pray this oil spill doesn’t ruin it.

  3. I am afraid this MN girl will have some culture shock… but I am excited for a change and to get rid of dead weight 🙂 … if only he can condense his baseball card collection… too many, wayyyy to many, “monster boxes”. LOL But my move will suck even more because the last one to leave an apt has to clean it 🙂 haha, sadly not my forte. But his parents are coming today to help (10 h drive). Tomorrow is both mother’s day and Charlie’s 29th bday. They will help us pack and leave Monday. When I move (*hopefully* in four months) they are actually driving down with me. They are not for their own son… I think that means they love me more 🙂 ha!! Have/a great weekend!! I will try to make a ‘real’ post soon…

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