how to make a man smile for a month (or longer)

Natalie BoltonNatalie Bolton have i told you lately that youre a stud???!!!

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Steve Williams Steve Williams Awww! You’re gonna make me blush! You’re the stud! Or would that be Studette?
Natalie Bolton is a world-class fitness trainer, model and motivational speaker who lives in L.A. I have had the great fortune to work with her out of the exclusive and very special gym she works with, Made in L.A. Natalie has been my mad crush for two years now. I follow her blog here. While a one-eyed pirate with a cataract could tell you how uniquely beautiful Natalie is physically, it is the depth and breadth of knowledge, spirituality and love she embodies that makes this woman truly beautiful.
(And she called me a STUD! If you need me, I’m over here being a STUD. What’ve you got over there? It’s not a STUD. Cause I’m over here! How good is life when a fitness model calls you a STUD? Well let me just tell you that it doesn’t suck! Awwww Yeah bouy! (insert dance moves to include: the water sprinkler, the wave and the spank from behind)
All kidding aside, Natalie is the real deal. She has helped me to refocus my workouts, expand my visions and goals and has pushed me beyond my own comfort zone into personal growth in more ways than the limits of some gym.
Here’s to Natalie.

3 Responses to “how to make a man smile for a month (or longer)”

  1. She called you a stud, because well, duhhhhh YOU ARE :-). P.S. What do I do when I cannot sleep at one am? Go to on my phone. Yeah booooy. 🙂

  2. wow, you are so generous in this description of me. i am completely humbled and honored to have you in my life. you are inspiring. i think i was far more blown away with your positive light and energy the first day we trained, than you of little ol’ me. i remember feeling lighter and happier having been around you. i confirm that. keep on trucking. you are a warrior!

    the divinity in me is saluting the divinity in you!



  3. You guys are too much.
    Nat you move me to action. You are very good at what you do. I could completely see a set of DVD’s or a book. Wha cha think?

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