the need for better choices

I choose not to watch much TV anymore because the bulk of it is mindless life sucking nonsense that has little educational value and loads of fear based control messages. Take for example an advertisement I saw while sitting in the doctors waiting room: An advertisement selling a coin came on. I am not a coin collector, but the whole add didn’t make much sense. It is for a $50 coin that was never made. They gave a back story to build value in it. Apparently a mold for the coin was made, but afterward they chose not to produce the coin. So the mold got stuck in a drawer somewhere and forgotten. They go on to say that the mold disappeared from their office and after they looked into it, they found an employee sold the thing “behind closed doors.” Doesn’t that mean he stole it? Isn’t that larceny? Anyhow, the gist is that now they have the mold and you can buy a copy of a coin that was never put into production and has no monetary value. So it’s a paperweight. Again I don’t know anything about collecting coins, but I would think the really valuable ones would not be on an infomercial. The one line from the thing was brilliant, they say “Avoid disappointment and future regret.” Words of wisdom from a snake oil peddler.

I especially do not watch news shows. They rehash the most sensationalized images and horrific stories for 25 minutes, throw in a little sports info, tell you if it will rain and then show you geese flying in Montana as if that brief moment of solitude and beauty would be enough to overcome the half hour of death, destruction and disorder they just preached about.

Take for example the picture above. A 17 year old boy was at a Phillies game and thought it would be great fun to run across the field during a game. While a minor crime of trespassing, it is totally a 17 year old thing to do. Brag and boast to your friends about the stupid thing and gain the attention of some girl… the overweight guard could not keep up with or catch the boy, so he pulled out his taser weapon and shocked the poor stupid child into submission. It was a violent reaction to his own inability to perform his duty within reason. He couldn’t catch the boy, so he beat him. Really? It was a teen ager running across the grass, not a man with a gun. That fat guard should be fired. I’m not one to poke fun at someone’s weight, but that guard was wrong. He was wrong because he used violence to project his own inadequacies against the young man for running faster. No the kid should not have been there, but c’mon, it was a child running across a baseball field.


One Response to “the need for better choices”

  1. Yep, I hate watching the news for that very reason, too.

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