springer’s holding on line 2

I really do try to stay away from writing about things like this, but I just could not help myself.
 An Ohio woman, Tiffany Tehan, thought to be missing was discovered in Florida. The new mother had abandoned her husband, David, and new born child to run away with another man, Trey Hutcherson, and start a new life. Hutcherson was also married and had left his family as well.
When questioned, Tiffany’s husband, David, actually defended her actions by saying “I can’t blame her” and “Everybody’s human.” So now we know why she ran away.

When authorities tried to question Trey Hutcherson’s wife, they had to wait until she was off the phone with her divorce lawyer.

So, the wife ran away from the spineless, gimp husband to be with the more hardcore, motorcycle, goatee dude. Gotcha. Typical.

Just to throw some flavor into this mix, when CBS interviewed Tiffany’s father, his quote was: “If you want to walk on water, you have to get out of the boat” which just confirms: ain’t none of these people right in the head.

Springer’s holding on line 2.


2 Responses to “springer’s holding on line 2”

  1. LOL!!!!! That is so sad though!

  2. The father is just out there. I mean like PLUTO, OUT THERE! WTF is he talking about?!
    And the husband defending his cheating wife?!!?
    “I can’t blame her?!?!?”
    Yeah, dude. You really can. Cheatin skuzy ho dog… She ran off with a biker and left her child.
    I can’t blame her, but I would kinda expect him to.

    (Deep breath.)
    This is why I don’t watch TV, It is asinine and mind numbing.

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