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One of my passions is running triathlon. In triathlon there are different races that are different lengths. The longest one, and the one that gets the most attention is The Ironman. It is a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike and a 26.2 mile marathon. That is 140.6 miles. You have to finish in under 17 hours. My goal is to finish an Ironman. It is all consuming because it is impossible for the human body to do it. Watching an Ironman on television, they will always show the finish line where someone is crying as they raise their arms in triumph as they cross and their family runs to congradulate them. The joke in the triathlon world is that now the person has finished, they are crying because they get to re-meet their family after the endless hours they’ve put into training for that moment.

It is not really a joke. Triathlon is a very selfish sport. It is difficult to maintain a quality relationship and train properly.

On a triathlon singles chat group I subscribe to, I posted the following question and here are some of answers.

“Would you rather have a fantastic training partner or a fantastic life partner?
I know already someone will up and say “Why not both” but the answer is because in truth I don’t want my triathlon in my bedroom. I have dated people that I work with before and it is a mistake. It never has worked out well for me, so that is my dating rule: don’t mess where you eat. (Trying to be “G” rated.)
Don’t worry, there is no judgment here, there is no right or wrong answer. We are all in a group called “Triathlete Singles” so none of us have a steady date but all of us have a training schedule. (and if you have a steady date, that is called a boyfriend/girlfriend and the next question would be what the ell are you doing in a singles chat room…)
So that is my question:
Training partner to share your tri goals with or life partner to share the rest of your life with? I said “rest of your life” I meant your life outside of triathlon.” – Steve W

“Life partner 100%. If he is not a triathlete, then he can do what interests him while I’m training. But I know I would not be attracted to a guy who did not eat well and take care of his body. There are lots of way outside our sport to do that.” – Patti

“Relationships are all about understanding and respect. If someone can’t understand your passion and dedication, it’s hard to have respect.” “I don’t want to finish and feel alone.” – Megan E

“…someone who will support me on race day & wants to be there waiting for me @ the finish line. Respect, & honesty are at the top of my list for making it with someone – I tend to find the guys that don’t do either & try too make it work.” – Melissa

“…having just finished one of the most grueling races of my life my next thought was that I realized that I was totally alone 1,000 miles from home with no one to share the experience with. And I do not have the words to tell you how incredibly depressed I was at that moment. The walk back to collect my bike and get to the hotel was maybe the loneliest I have ever been in my life.
So I recommend that whenever you have a significant race that you have someone there for you. They do not have to be that perfect partner (that would be great), but it should at least be a friend who understands the commitment. Post race is so much better when you have someone to share the joy/misery of the day.” – Chris H

“Yep its a bummer to finish and feel great and have no one to share it with! I have been there for most of my tri’s, but I do it for myself and have to realize that its my own journey. As far as a partner, I would much rather have a life partner that has interests of his own and I can support him there and he can support what I want to do.” – Leah

“I would rather be alone than be with someone and wonder if there was someone who was possibly better fit. It is also a harsh, but great criteria for me as well. If I have to wonder, then I already know the answer.” – Maui Dave

“I agree that finishing any bring event weather it be a tri,marathon, 50k, or even your masters it is good to have a support system, cheering squad, and people to be there to watch you finish.” – Niki L.



I have never experienced having someone participate with an event I was interested in doing. So I don’t know what it feels like to have someone at the finish line. Before triathlon, my passion was greenlaning, (responsible off road driving) with the Land Rover clubs. The woman I was with, at the time, would have nothing to do with it. She called it “your Land Rover sh**.” Mind you, these events were always held at a four star resort, catered and with other Land Rover owners. To be a bit snobbish, these were not Jeep clubs. Those guys eat cold tuna salad out of Tupperware and sleep on the ground. We chose between Turkish game hen and Italian sea bass, and sip Cognac by a manned camp fire with live music. I roughed it in the military, now I am going to be comfortable.

That chic had to go.

Water under the bridge, I guess I’ve seen too many of the NBC Ironman shows and the idea of having someone show support or even respect for my interests is appealing. Just like everyone else I have shed a tear watching the slow motion images of someone flinging themselves across the finish line, weeping into the arms of an awaiting group of family or a loved one. Who wouldn’t want that?

Someone who ‘gets it’ would be nice. Being astonishingly hot with a great attitude and an adventurous sprit as well is a tall order to fill. Add in enough self confidence that she does not freak out at my training schedule and I may as well be smoking crack.

My tri is for me, and I’ll do it as long as my body can move forward. It is a selfish thing.

But a date would be nice.


2 Responses to “triathlon singles”

  1. One of my best friends in the world is a Ironman wife and he completed it in Nov (Florida). He’s been doing all sorts of training for about 1.5 y leading up to that. He’s now signed up for the one in Idaho this summer. Anyway, I love them both dearly. He’s got it good because she’s the most supportive person in the world to him. She respects what he has passion for and vice versa. Seeing the picture of them hugging after he finished still brings tears to my eyes. (They had a similar moment on their wedding day and I love that picture, too. I was lucky enough to be part of their special day :))

  2. What more could anyone ask for than love, understanding and support?

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