top ten of my 100 things redux


I had a lunch meeting with a friend that turned into an afternoon walk and then a discussion about life goals. I mentioned to her my “100 things to do before I die” list but could not remember all the things I had listed. We sat and wrote out our lists. I am printing mine to replace the one I have on the fridge and wanted to share it here. I encourage everyone to have a “100 things” list and to update it periodically.

In no order:

#1 To hear Mike Reilly say: “Steve Williams, YOU are an IRONMAN!” (M-Dot tattoo, too)

#2 Write a book.

#3 Visit the world’s largest frying pan

#4 Get my certification as a USAT Coach

#5 Find true love. (I still believe in it.)

#6 Ride a bicycle in France. (Up Mont Ventoux)

#7 Own a Range Rover Sport. Black, winch, roof rack.

#8 Ceepo Viper, Zip wheels, RTC shifters

#9 Raise $100,000 each for Livestrong (in the name of my Granny and Uncle Sid) and the American Red Cross (in the name of my parents)

#10 10% body fat.

There you have it, where my mind is, thoughts are and areas I am working on.

Where are you?


4 Responses to “top ten of my 100 things redux”

  1. How close are you to these goals?

  2. Well Judes, I’m glad you asked:
    #1 Ironman Louisville is later this year. I am currently on schedule with my training and things are going nicely.
    #2 I have two stories outlined.
    #3 I have researched this one to death but I know where it is:
    #4 I am enrolled in the ITCA Coach program and am working with my sponsors for the USAT program (USAT is the governing body of Triathlon and their certification course is over a long weekend. There will be one near me in a few months.)
    #5 (In my best Beavis and Butthead:) Huh uh huh uh… girls…huh uhuh uh…
    #6 I would like to travel to France in the next three years. I have a friend who runs cycle vacations there and I would really dig just signing up and letting her do the organizing. Alpe d’Huez, Mont Ventoux
    Check this out: The little video at the bottom has Lance riding to Fat Boy Slim and includes one of the most famous moments in cycling called “The Look.” Lance attacks (meaning he accelerates to the front) while on Alpe d’Huez (which is an insane climb that some cars have trouble on) but Lance turns and looks at Jan Ullrich, who was his competition on that race, as if to ask “OK, dude… Are you coming?” You can see Ullrich hang his head as Lance downshifts and rockets away. This is the poetry of athleticism.
    #7 At the moment this one is a pipe dream.
    #8 I am working with my sponsors… drool drool.
    #9 I have an event idea at the moment that may accommodate a large chunk of this.
    #10 I was at 15.3% this morning.

  3. Well if it makes you feel any better, you look waaaaay less than 15.3%. I’ll watch the video later. I’m at the lab doing some things. I did update my blog this morning, si interested. But why the largest frying pan? I guess I don’t need to get it. Also, very impressed with the goal setting but more with the attainment of it all. Nice!

  4. Oh, yes. It appears to be a grand list, but mine is far superior! 😀

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