sarah palin vs. llcoolj

I am not a Fox news fan. My sister is, so when I visit her, it is always on. My sister has a TV in her kitchen, which is where we always congregate in her home, and it always has Fox News playing. Years ago I asked her why she insisted on having Fox News on, she said it was because they were more entertaining than Jerry Springer, and almost as truthful. Trying to follow the lead of my older and presumably wiser sister, I tried this in my own home. After the first 40 minutes I realized that I had lost my taste for news shows forever. What a load of crap. For years I was a fan of the mammoth TODAY show on NBC. Articles like “Where in the world is Matt Lauer?” looked fun and inspired me to study different places. Seeing Matt on top of one of the highest buildings in the world, on THE highest helipad in the world was so very cool… that is a place most people will never travel to. Then there is the Fox morning show, with two whiny effeminate blowhards and a chic. Like I said: 40 minutes of watching those three literally yelling “look at me, look at me!” and I lost my taste of news shows all together.

I was not a Sarah Palin fan when the republicans chose her to run for vice president. I said “Who?!?” She did nothing to impress me on the campaign trail. To me the entire republican party seemed to collectively give up when Barack Obama announced he was running for president. They were coming off of 8 years of “Dubbya” fucking things up and they knew that they could never win the election, which is why we ended up with John McCain and Sarah Palin on the ticket. To be the nominee pays homage to his experience, and knowledge base and bla, bla, bla. They never stood a chance. Just for a moment, lets set aside each man’s accomplishments, let’s set aside politics, and lastly let’s set aside any gender bias that may be out there. The election came down to who do you want to run the White house: The young, handsome black man backed with a veteran of the Washington scene, or the oldest man ever to run for the office of president and some seemingly random nobody chic from nowheresville. Can you say “landslide?”

So Palin loses the election, embarrassing herself and the republican party along the way, quits the job of governor of Alaska, presumably to take a job at Fox as a reporter. Which I might add is ironic as Katie Couric threw this chic so far under the interview bus that they couldn’t find a stick large enough to scrape her out from under it.

Fox sets her up to interview people, and LLCoolJ: international recording artist, action movie star, and currently staring in one of the most watched shows on television, NCIS:LA,  is one of the first. OK. Cool. I can dig it. Famous people thrown together and see what happens…right? You betcha. Fox fails to record what they want in the interview, and so some brilliant producer chooses to use an old interview to advertise the Palin interview. LLCoolJ catches it and calls their bullshit on Twitter. Fox, now acting as the effeminate immature and childish network that it is, pulls the interview and refuses to play in the sandbox anymore. Have you ever been on a flight with a crying child? Fox.

Check it out:

Heavy sigh.

So can you guess who I voted for?

Anyway, those who normally read this blog know that I am not politically driven, but I also don’t live with my head in the sand. Fox is the Jerry Springer of professional news. I can not think of a better place for Sarah Palin to work.

The Lipstick Pit Bull fits in nicely over there.


3 Responses to “sarah palin vs. llcoolj”

  1. She gives us Conservative women a bad name. Stupid Republicans giving us a bad name. (Ahem, Rush Limbaugh.)

  2. She does. I was raised in a democratic family, and married into a republican family. For most of my 30’s I was a registered republican, but I have since changed how I view things and just don’t see merit in claiming one party over the other. This “Tea Party” is not the answer, as they seem to be just as out there as everyone else, so I intend to stay neutral and vote as I see fit from now on.
    Palin does not impress me at all. I am all for equal rights and will shout from the rooftops that most of my personal mentors and heroes are women, but this chic is not someone I would follow out of a burning building.
    Now come to find out, maybe the interview never took place between LLCoolJ and Palin: it seems they edited her into an interview he gave someone else, and the two of them never met… they just filmed her doing the Bryant Gumbel thing of holding a pen and nodding.

  3. Oh Family Guy. LOL!!! Sometimes it just makes sense to vote Democrat (like my parents, who don’t make a lot of money — my mom voted but left the President slot blank. haha. My dad is really unhappy with his vote in regards with the health care plan. Me being his favorite daughter, I respectfully throw it in his face ;)).

    Even though I don’t agree with redistribution of wealth to the degree they’re doing it now…

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