catwoman and motherhood

Uma Thurmond’s move Motherhood opened in Europe this weekend and grossed $130.00. Yes. On hundred and thirty dollars. Some of you reading this will have this much cash on you. 12 people went to see the movie; 11 on Sat. and only one on Sun. $130.00.

Catwoman with Halle Berry was a terrible, terrible movie and it did better than this.

This proves my point that we really see women as leather clad superheroes and not just soccer moms.


5 Responses to “catwoman and motherhood”

  1. haha I read this yesterday and I was… speechless.

  2. I wanted to know if Hollywood would make a movie for me if I mailed them $130. I would do “The Die Hard Bourne Matrix: This time, it’s personal!” Don don don dooooooooon! (Did you like the music? It is the first film score I have ever written!)

  3. Oh my…feeling an assault on my motherhood…good thing no movies exist on that front…although I could use $130.

    Good luck on your movie…catchy name, nice score–although I see copyright suits in your future…better make more than $130 to cover those costs…

    Fuzzy up and bit, lock away the revolver and have a happy Easter! 🙂

  4. Nooooo! Not an attack…an acknowledgement of superhuman ability and recognition of under appreciated achievement… Moms are hot superheroes! Do you have a cape and boots?

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